Monday, 3 October 2011

Translation of previous post :o)

Hi everyone. just so I don't have to type out loads of text I am getting this translated into text speak. then I will Copy and Paste it in, it will save me time. Personally I like text speak, because if you can't spell it does not matter. You can write what you like and some people will not be able to understand you. It is like a new language to me. I try and spell correctly all the time, but sometimes the rebel in me appears, and when I text on my mobile phone I find it great fun to spell words how I speak them.

All those lessons at school when I learned proper english, how to spell, where to put the commas and exclamation marks, have now all gone out of the window. It is okay to miss spell things, it is alright to write a load of rubbish, because that's the new language. How are you getting on with text speak, are you picking it up okay?

I am getting on great with it. I wish they had it all those years ago when I was at school, then I wouldn't have had to do all that swotting, all that studying, all those examinations. I could have had more time for playing and skiving off school. If they have something similar for maths, like a short version, I could have kicked maths lessons in the head as well. When I think of all those hours studying, all for nothing, because you can now write what you like, and no one cares.

If you want to learn how to do text speak you can learn it on this site. then you can write your posts in super quick time like me. Why not have a go, it is fun.


  1. Don't fancy it. I always type my texts in full. I would have loved something simple for maths as I was a complete duffer, probably because I could never get to grips with the lbs ozs, pecks, gills, etc not to mention pounds shillings and pence.

    As maths was the only subject I couldn't do, there must be something wrong with that side of my feeble brain.

  2. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, Ilona!

    I can't stand text spelling, even in texts! Whenever I text, I still spell everything as if I was writing a letter!

    I'll put it down to the age thing!!

  3. Why mess with the beauty of the English language?
    Just think. It took me over 20 years to get to gribs with English, and now that I have vaguely managed to spell it half decently, you want me to get used to that rubbish? How about Nooooo!
    It just feels wrong, sounds wrong and is like a total massacre of perfectly audible English to me. Ilona, you`ll lose followers if you keep using that gobbledigoog! Please return to the
    prefered way of conversing that all of us numpties can understand, lol.

  4. Like Campfire and Anne I write my texts in full complete with capital letters where they should be! I really can't be doing with text speak.

  5. Don't think I could get used to this gobbldegook, I spent a lot of years learning proper English.
    Which is still used in official documents.

  6. OOOOHH I still have brain ache from the last post!
    Jane x

  7. I am an English teacher. Don't annoy me!

  8. Worzeleze is so much clearer
    i-were f-wer y-wer o-wer u-wer dip u-wer s-wer e-wer zel w-wer o-wer r-wer z-wer e-wer l-wer e-wer z-wer e-wer dip

  9. Is there nothing we can do to dissuade you from the error of your ways? As others here, my text messages are grammatically correct with full spelling. It simply grates on my nerves to see it mangled like that.


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