Monday, 31 October 2011

Will they get the hang of it?

The new, second hand, recycled, free back door is on. My friend Alex came today and hung it. He had already fitted the cat flap and shaved two inches off the top because it was too tall, it's a perfect fit.

You may remember a couple of months ago, I mentioned about finding this door in the yard of a double glazing company. It was one they had taken out to replace with a new one. I asked if I could have it and they said yes.

It's waiting for the lock and handles to be put on now. Luckily I had a yale lock in my box of bits collected over the years. I will just have to pay for a bit of timber which has been replaced around the door frame, and of course a nice gift for Alex. He is coming back tomorow to finish the job off.

Now for some lessons for the cats on how to get through the cat flap. They have been used to a big hole, and usually take a dive through it. A different technique is needed for this new gadget.

Mum, do I get out?

Now come along Lily, it's very simple, you put your nose up against the plastic window and push. Pay attention and concentrate, I am not playing. Are you watching me.

Well I'll give it a try, it seems very stiff, it doesn't want to move. This is going to give me a headache, or give me a sore nose, and I don't fancy either.

No, I can't do it mum. You do realise I am 112 in human years, I haven't got the strength any more, and my arthritis is playing up.

Oh stuff it, I'm off to bed. I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. Awww! Come on kitty, you can do it! :D Our cat doesn't have a flap, much to his annoyance. Therefore if he wants to go out we are to be at his beck and call OR ELSE! :)

  2. Poor Lily, I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon.

  3. New door looks very smart Ilona.Our patio door's like the automatic ones at the supermarket sometimes with my cat giving the orders ! How i long for a cat flap.

  4. Love the cat photos, how sweet!

    Sft x

  5. I had this when I had a new cat flap recently. The old one had had the magnets removed as I thought Merlin wouldn't be able to grasp the principle. When I had the work done at home I bought a new cat flap as the old one was blowing open and making a gale through the house.

    I had to temp him but finally he made it.

    The first time I brought Merlin home, there was a lot of bribery involving chicken going on and eventually he got the message. That's a beautiful tabby.

  6. They will soon get the hang of it, if they haven't already. As you know cats hate things changing, and have to have a little sulk.

  7. That is funny that he just decided not to go out.

  8. Your door looks good but does it provide enough security even with a double lock. Very easy break in I would think. Just a thought..........

  9. Our cats mastered their cat flaps pretty quickly, they do if you put them on one side and their dinner on the other!!

    The funniest thing is when I take the cat flaps off to give them a good wash, the cats won't come through the empty holes they wait for the flaps to be put back on!

    Sue xx

  10. Dear old pusca!
    Your door looks very smart.
    My cat used to hate if he couldn't see what was out there before he hopped through.

  11. All cats have been through now with a bit of coaxing. Hi lizzie, This back door gives access into the passage, if anyone broke into here, I have another back door into the house which is solid wood with a lock and key, a bolt, and a device which wont allow it to open more than an inch. They would need a sledge hammer to get through it.


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