Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 3. Crowdicote, Longnor, Earl Sterndale, Pennine Bridleway

Twas an even more glorious morning on the third day of my mini frugal break, I was so looking forward to it. A fellow hosteller told me of a route that gave particularly nice views with easy walking, which he had done the day before. He said it was well way marked, that will do me. I took his advice and set off northwards. Very soon I was leaving the tarmac lane and hopping over a stile into a field.

There was a couple of miles or so with views like this. Absolutely fabulous.

I came to a cross roads and took a left turn. Thank you whoever for putting a lovely new sign post there for me.

These little marker posts kept me on the right track.

Oooh look, I came across a castle.

And here is the castle. Not much left.

I climbed to the top to admire the views.

You can see the path down there which I am going to take.

A bit further on I joined a farm track which came out on the road at Crowdicote. A typical Peak District pub, the Pack Horse Inn.

And some attractive cottages next door. It's a very small village, I was surprised to even see a pub.

The next stop was Longnor, quite a large village with several eating places. There is a craft centre with a coffee shop, but it was difficult to take a good photo of it due to all the parked cars at the front. Shame really, it was an interesting building, but if I can't get the right shot I wont bother. This pub across the road was uncluttered though. The Cheshire Cheese looks very inviting. I can just imagine the blazing log fire inside. I sat on a bench and ate my sandwiches. Not their bench I hasten to add.

Off again across the fields. This photo makes it look more gloomy than it actually was because I have the hazey sun behind me. A few clouds about but still no rain.

It wasn't far to the next village, Earl Sterndale, and the path comes in, across a boggy field, just behind this pub. I must say the back of the pub looks a complete ramshackle mess. I was half thinking it might be a derelict pub till I saw they were open at the front.

I like the sign though, made me smile. The story goes that the landlords wife nagged him that much, he chopped off her head. It's a Marstons pub, beer brewed in my home town. You can't beat a pint of Marstons Pedigree, it's known the whole world over.

This is St Michael's Church.

The small Methodist Church.

And here we have The Hall, well that's what it says on the front :o) Clever aint I.

I really would like to go and climb up High Wheeldon over there, but I haven't time. I carried on to join the High Peak Trail, which is also The Mid Shires Way, leading onto The Pennine Bridleway. Then followed a failry brisk march past Sparklow, turn right at Moscar Farm, and join the road at Vincent Farm.

And this is what I found at Vincent Farm, my path was blocked by a bunch of mooing, pushing and shoving cows. I asked the farmer what was happening. He said they are sorting them out, pairing up the mothers and calves, before putting them in their winter housing, basically big sheds. There they will stay untill May.

The farmer pointed out a diversion I should take to get round them and out the other side to the road. Then it was a case of following the road back to the hostel. I've had a brilliant day, even better than yesterday. I've covered 14.5 miles, more than yesterday because I didn't get lost, a total of 28 miles over the three days. All I have to do now is to drive home, a happy bunny.


  1. You post pictures of lovely houses....I'd love to have a look inside...although I'd get arrested for trespass...but you know what I mean.
    Jane x

  2. Another great post! I spent half my childhood in Longnor and still travel through very regularly, and up the fantastic hill out of Crowdecote! The views are fantastic around there of Chrome and Parkhouse Hill, which you have probably seen on my blog before!

    It looks/sounds like you've had a nice few days away :)

  3. Lovely lovely lovely, I wish I could visit the area for a week,what a fabulous time I'd have. Glad you have enjoyed your holiday Ilona,and thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Beautiful scenery. Makes me want to return and just walk and walk.

    Sft x

  5. Lovely walk and scenery. I`m glad the weather held out for you.

  6. That looks like a smashing walk. And did I spot a new purchase - the visor? What happened to your lovely purple one?

  7. Hi lizp, the pink visor is an old one. I lost the purple one a couple of weeks ago, I think it fell out of my pocket. Good job I had a spare.

  8. Hi Ilona, I'm still armchair wandering with you.
    Tell me...where do you get all that energy from and can you send a little my way? Thanks. Maa

  9. Beautiful photo's Ilona, your enthusiasm is infectious. Sally

  10. Hi Ilona,

    We enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry you didn't have time to climb High Wheeldon; you'd have been looking down on our house - Wheeldon Trees Farm!
    In fact, you did walk past the end of our drive....
    We've lived here nearly 5 years and did the same as you - traded the fast furious pace of life (in London) for quieter, healthier and cheaper country life. No regrets so far.....

  11. Oh my goodness, if only I had known Deborah. I turned up the road right opposite your place, I remember seeing the sign. What a shame we didn't get to say hello. You've definately picked the right place to live, much healthier than the noise and polution in the big city.

    Hi Sally and Maa, I think my energy comes mainly from eating the right food, no meat and very little stodge. I am a great believer in you are what you eat. And my enthusiasm comes from knowing I have only a short time on this earth, so every day counts. It would be a crime to waste it.

  12. Thanks for another wonderful virtual walk! Enjoy the next one.

  13. Fabulous! I'm so tired I need a cuppa now LOL
    Ilona do you remember the "Pislbury dough boy"?
    There was a TV ad years ago for part baked rolls ( I think) which you popped out of the tube and into the oven. In the ad, the tube opened and this cute dough boy popped out!

  14. Hi Kath, I do remember Pilsbury Dough, my mum used to buy it. I remember you bashed the cardboard tube on the edge of the table top to split it open and remove the dough. The dough boy was cute.


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