Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chatting about cats

Bit late tonight, been on the phone organising stuff. It's all go here, things never stop happening. Tomorrow night we will have a mum cat and her four kittens coming in, they have been abandoned by someone who moved house and left the cat behind, possibly not knowing she was pregnant. They will come here and stay in my temporary accommodation as we don't have room in the pens at the moment.

I have been keeping my eye on OAP Lily cat all day, making sure he didn't stray away from the garden. Lily is a boy you know. He is getting a bit doddery now, pottering about then sleeping a lot. I found him asleep on next doors driveway, and picked him up quickly before my young neighbour was due home. He might not have seen him snoozing there, I dread to think what might have happened. I asked Janet to come round and give me her opinion on his wellbeing. I'm wondering if I should be thinking about taking him to the vet any time soon. I don't want to make the wrong decision. He is comfortable on a cushion on the kitchen floor at the moment, with dishes of food and water, and his litter box close by. We agreed that maybe urgent action is not needed just yet. I will watch him closely over the next few days. Poor little love, he is about 16 or 17 years old, and came from a house round the corner to live here when he was 13.

I did a bit more in the garden today, but I had to break off to do another job. I have been given a lot of dishes, plates, and other crockery and household items, to sell on our stall at the Village Fete on Saturday. Everything needed washing, and tomorrow I will price them up. This is our first fundraising event of the year for our rescue cats. The annual fete is generally a very well attended event, hopefully even more so this year because of the Queen celebrations. The village has been decked out with union flags and hanging baskets, it looks very pretty.
It's late, goodnight,



  1. Poor old Lily cat, pottering about and sleeping a lot. Blimey sounds a bit like me! I'm staying away from the vet if I can avoid it though. Hope he improves.

  2. Lily will let you know when he is ready. Until then lots of extra cuddles and kisses.
    Jane x

  3. It is a hard call when your cat is getting old and sick - sometimes they dont want to stay inside but sometimes they sleep a lot in the house. I left my first cat too long and so with the second I made the decision a bit earlier. I came home and bawled my eyes out both times. They go through so much with you and are always there; it is so hard to say goodbye.

  4. My you do live a busy life. I'm glad you take of all the stray cats, kittens and dogs.

  5. Gold star to you lovely ladies... Human nature at its best xxx

  6. Poor Lily, I think you will know when the time comes.

    I help a lady who houses around 30 cats (in her house) that nobody else wants. I am given trinkets, bric a brac by neighbours, family and friends to give to her to sell to help support these cats. They are all loved, well fed and vetted when necessary. She does have quite a largish house and lots of space in the garden and lives at the bottom of a very quiet cul de sac.

    To be honest I am more likely to give stuff to her to sell rather than take it to the charity shop, although I split it between bric a brac to her and clothes to CS.

  7. i love your blog, just bookmarked it and i hope to be just like you when i grow up (im 44 years young at the moment ;) )

  8. Lily reminds me of my cat who became quite senile as he aged. I awoke at 2.30 in the morning hearing the loud voices of a group of men outside. On looking out of the window there was a van with a group of men scratching their heads at how they were going to remove the sleeping cat in the middle of the road so they could get their van past. Luckily they realised he was asleep and had not been run over. I was horrified as I had not realised he was doing this. In the end he took to trying to get into the dogs bed who would not tolerate a sleeping partner and I became increasingly concerned about his behaviour. I still miss him now nearly 8 years on he was such a funny character.

    midlands Annie

  9. I have 7 cats now, all strays initially.
    I've had to make 'that' decision a lot of times sadly, 'you will just know' when it is the right time.
    We all get old and doddery, it doesn't mean we're ready to 'go' though, (mind you I haven't been found sleeping in next doors driveway - yet!) he's just slowing down by the sound of it which is natural.
    The important thing is his 'quality of life' i.e. is he in pain, if so can anything be done ? does he still enjoy his food and is he eating enough to sustain him ? older cats eat less too.
    Has he been checked by a vet ? dangerous thing trying to diagnose problems yourself.
    He may have a 'condition' that can be treated easily.
    I'm sure you'll do what is best for him.

  10. I love animals to Iona, Your just like me I used to foster cats in my spare room (I have 3 cats already) but it became a bit much. It used to break my heart when the cats came to me in a bad way. I have spent many a sleepless night injecting cats and giving them medication. Why people are so cruel to animals is beyond me. What did they every do to anyone.
    All a cat needs is some cat food water a bit of fuss and a warm place to sleep. In return they give you more happiness than you will ever know. They have helped me get through some tough times.My cats know when I'm down and are extra fussy. Bless them.
    My dream would be to have a small holding to use as a rescue centre by the sea. Id deicate my time to looking after all the animals.

  11. I've had cats all my life and, thankfully, have never had to take one to the vet to be euthanized. They're kept inside, comfy, and as you say, with a litter box close by. Much better (only imo) to let them pass at home if one can.
    Love your blog, btw. I find it very inspirational.
    Best wishes,


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