Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A goodnight natter

You should see the four adorable kittens I have here, they were delivered at 8.15pm tonight, along with black and white mum cat. The kitties are thought to be about five weeks old and were found living behind a shed. They are mainly white, with splodges of black and brown, one has a little black moustache and is so cute. I'll try and get some photo's tomorrow. Tonight they are safely tucked up in their bed.

I've done a bit more in the garden today, and it's coming together nicely. The next stage involves a lot of bashing nails into pieces of wood to hold it all together. No pics yet, keep looking.

I had a visitor today, my friend Ken came round with two big bags of stuff to sell on our stall on Saturday. I thought that was very kind of him. He is a dog walker and I often bump into him and his dog, it's called Bog.

Lily has had a nice day bimbling about in the garden and lying in the sun, and being hand fed by me. He has had tuna fish, corned beef, and yogurt, as well as his normal Felix. Janet called by again to see how he is.

My combined gas and electric bill arrived today. I have to pay £89.78, that's for the quarter from 18th Feb to 22nd May. The meter was read both times so I know it is accurate. Checking against  the same period as last year there is an increase of £4.18p which is not bad I suppose. I have just changed my landline provider from Tesco, because they increased their charges. Now I have moved it to Orange to combine it with my broadband. It works out a bit cheaper than the two seperate bills added together.

Thank you to Lucy who has just commented on a post dated 4th January 2011. She is into crafts and likes one of my bags. I read each and every comment, no matter how old the post, Lucy.

It's late, I'm off to bed, Goodnight. 


  1. I'm glad the cat family is staying with you for a while. Give them a cuddle from me please.
    Jane x

  2. Look forward to seeing pics of the puddy tats!

  3. Love your masthead. I have a cat that is 12 and all alone. I would love to get a companion. Electricity prices are jumping here in the U.S., not to mention gas prices. I'm wondering how we will hear our home this winter with wood pellets.

  4. The kittens sound so cute! My electric, garbage pickup, water, waste water (sewage), was $157. That includes street sweeping, limb pickup, and grass pickup, and a recyling truck! this will be my lowest bill.

  5. Waiting to see those cute kittens!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the kittens and their mum.

    Ilona, would you be willing to say how much you are paying for broadband and landline please?

  7. I bet those kittens are adorable. Looking forward to seeing some pics of them. When you mentioned your electric/gas bill, it made me think of your food bargains. It seems to me that everything here in the US (I live in No. NJ) is so much more expensive than it is there. For example, I can't get over the sales you get on some of your food. I've never seen prices here that can compare to the prices you pay. It's amazing what you can buy for little money. Even if I would wait until the evening when they mark down some prices, they are not as cheap as yours. And, also, the stuff marked down which is usually some produce, isn't worth buying. Most of it is very bruised (or actually looks like it's going rotten) and not very appetizing. I even showed my husband one of your grocery lists and he can't get over it. I know you're a good shopper, organizer and bargain hunter but there are no big bargains to hunt down here ever. I love reading your blog and enjoy your many thrifty bargains. Please keep writing about it all.

  8. can't wait to see the pics of the cats.
    and of your mystery structure in the garden !

  9. Hi Toffeeapple. I have just made my first payment for combined broadband and landline to Orange. It was £38.98. This may vary slightly from month to month, depending how many calls I make. I tend to only make calls after 6pm and at weekends, as these are included in my tariff. Ocassionally I use the phone in the daytime, only if I have to make a business call during office hours.

    My payment to Tesco for the phone was £21.47 a month average, and bb was £20.76, total £42.73

  10. Hi Ilona, a few weeks ago i started reading your blog from the beginning. I have nearly finished... and what a nice surprise to click onto this post and see your reply to my previous comment! :o) I'm still enjoying your blog so much, and its really nice for the readers to feel 'part' of it instead of just reading. now i'm nearly up to date, and will be able to read about your life in 'real' time!! thank you so much for writing it all down for us to read.

    (It looks like i am about to read a very sad post. so sorry to hear about Lily x x x x)


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