Sunday, 28 October 2012

No charge

What a rubbish weather day today. I've been out for a walk in between the showers, but spent most of the day indoors, sorting and tidying, and thinking how I might customise a broken car body panel.
It's the sort of weather which makes you think you need a treat to cheer yourself up. It's a good job I didn't take any money with me or I might have popped down to Tesco and blown a fiver on cream cakes.
When I got back I had a look in the cupboard for some comfort food. I know what I'll have. Half a tin of rice pudding warmed in the microwave, plus a few peach slices, topped with some grated dark chocolate, which I bought specially for the purpose of making puddings more interesting. Delicious. Now all I've got to do is save the rest of the chocolate to add to more puddings. That is going to test my will power, ha ha.
I am so excited, I must tell you about my first ever Annual Summary I received yesterday from my bank. Apparently I am going to receive one every year from now on. Look forward to that ;-) As well as all the waffle, it includes a list of charges for the past year. As you can see, half way down it says, 'Because of how you've managed your account. you've had no charges'. Eeeee by 'eck, is that right then, ha ha.
Does that mean no cheques have bounced, my very few direct debits have been covered, I haven't gone overdrawn, and I am in the black. WHOOPEEEEEE. This is cause for celebration. Please excuse my sarcasm, but I flippin know this, it has been like this for years.

I do like to keep my account nice and simple. Yes I get a statement every month, (gives the postman a job), I check it, I do not trust online banking, I go to the bank and take cash out when I need it, I monitor every damn penny that goes in and out of my account. So Barclays Bank, there must be millions of people out there who are just as carefull as I am, save a few trees, press a button on your computer and don't send any more of these statements out if there is a big fat 0,00 in the right hand column. Toodle pip.
PS. Welcome 501 and 502 :o)


  1. You are right to feel proud. That's a great achievement.

    Sft x

  2. About the washing machine (previous post) I also select a 30 degree wash which ends on a short spin. But then I turn the dial to do a fast spin, gets more water out so less drying time.

    Love to see your adventures with Rocky - I asked a while ago and you said he belonged to a neighbour. I'd love to hear how you came to know him and start taking him out, are his owners unable to take him out? He looks to be a lovely boy.

  3. Anne, In the UK your washers must be different from ours.

    It appears I will have no nsf/overdraft fees this year, either. I did have to rush and put in $10 yesterday. When I looked online, there was a check coming in that I did not write down. Online checking saves me. I have had a rough two weeks, medically, so I was not myself. If anyone has to take the hormone to induce PMS, you will know what I mean.

    When I got a notice that appeared all bank clients would get a fee, regardless of the original agreement, I flipped out, calmed down and dropped in. I was wrong in my assessment of the wordy notice, but I assured the vice pres of the bank that I would go shopping for a new bank if I had any fees. I also told her that going to all cash would work for me, too.

    I now have a check card to swipe if that happens, but not from that bank.

    I am impressed with your years of no charges. I wish I could say that. But, I am getting better.

  4. Rubbish weather here in Southern Ontario also. Rain predicted on 11 of the next 14 days. Eagerly (not!) awaiting the remnants of Hurricane Sandy. Might have to buy some wellies.
    Rocky looks very handsome in his rain gear.

  5. Roll on summer and low fuel bills. Not got the heating on yet though, OH wants it on might be a scrap later tee hee!!

  6. you should tell Barclays to email you the statement, that's what they do with ours....

    Gill in Canada

  7. Hi Ilona, I think I may be 501 I have only just worked out how to follow (congratulations on 500!). Well done on no charges. I try and be as paperless as possible so my eyes do roll when a load of rubbish lands on my doormat offering me more credit/insurance etc. If I need/want credit I would go online and find the best deal for me, surely? I have never looked at the junk and thought - hmmm that seems like a good idea I'll apply straight away. It seems like such a waste of paper (though I do put the envelopes to good use ;).

  8. I'm with you Ilona - what a waste of paper! as you say, use common use - if the charges are 0.00, no statement is required!

  9. I've started getting those annual reports for my Natwest accounts now too. Must be a new bank thingy. Never had a fee fortunately, although it did come pretty close back in my first student days!

  10. You are the kind of customer banks hate :)
    Not getting rich off you by any means.

    Totally off topic...I am Canadian and had never heard of Jimmy Savile until you did a post when he died. Now I think of you every time I hear his name. You must be sad to have learned of his crimes. Shocking he got away with this in his lifetime.

  11. I hate on-line banking too-don't trust them,(the banks).

  12. Remember the time when banks wanted our business?

    Now they make it so difficult to open an account and seem to exist only to take as much money from us as the possibly can, for the enrichment of a very few obscenely wealthy directors.

  13. Hi Anne. About Rocky. I walked past his house one day and saw him in the garden, spoke to his owner and asked if I could take him out. She doesn't have much time herself, and is fine with that.

    Gill, if I had my statements emailed to me I would have to provide the paper and ink to print them out. I don't want to have to trawl through files on my computer if I want to check something. Let the bluddy banks pay for sending my monthly statements, only tell me something I need to know. What I don't want is letters with NIL charges on the bottom. They even say quote, 'The information you see here has already been shown on your statements in the past year'. We hear that the banks are in turmoil, on the verge of supposedly going to the wall, but if they are running their businesses properly they should be looking to cutting unnecessary spending just like any other business, by stop sending letters which tell the recipient absolutely nothing.

    Hi Little Rosie. Put a couple of pounds away each week into an emergency fund, save up for what you need. Resist all temptations to borrow money.


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