Saturday, 27 October 2012

Time for winter coats

It was sunny but quite chilly when we set off for a walk today. We went in the car to South Ferriby, it's on the banks of the Humber, before you get to Barton and the bridge. Best keep the little fella warm.
We took a narrow tarmac road up the hill towards the quarry. This is where the conveyor belt crosses the road as it transports the crushed chalk from the quarry to the cement works down below.   
This is the top of the belt as it comes out of the shed at the quarry.
In the distance you can see Reeds Island in the middle of the Humber. This was occupied once, but no one has lived there for many years. I worked at the cement works as a bulk powder tanker driver for seven years. It was owned by Rugby Cement at that time. Now it is owned by Cemex.
Rocky has found a bench.Lucky he had his coat on, we got caught in a snow shower.  
Toodle pip.


  1. Please please could we copy the first photo of Rocky. We want to put it on our fridge to make us smile!

    He is the best 'doggie in a jacket' of all!

    (what we say when we see one)

    Sft x

  2. Rocky looks good in his red coat, but he would look even better in Everton blue.
    Hey congrats Ilona you have passed the 500 follower mark!

  3. Fab. photos. Great blog.

    Dianne - Hereford

  4. Is Rocky your dog, or are you his dog walking mum?


  5. Eh what a little Rocky dazzler♥ Of course it should be Bobby dazzler "Quaint coloquial term from northern England pertaining to someone very special indeed, either through good looks or by simply wearing something fancy" I thought this description was very fitting for Rocky♥ I also am very moved when I see these memorial benches inscribed with words of love.

  6. Fabulous picture of Rocky, he looks rather regal with his jacket on. I love the sentiment of the words on the bench too.

  7. I love your site, Ilona, and visit every day. Can't join as I don't want a google account, but you have a non-google follower!

    The photos of your walks are fantastic. And Rocky looks so cute in his winter jacket. Can't believe you got caught in snow storm; the sky doesn't look grey and heavy enough!

  8. Love that quote on "Rocky's" seat. He is such a gorgeous dog. Can't wait till we can get our own Rocky, although he will be called Dusty :). Judy xx

  9. Rocky looks very distinguished, especially atop that seat. What a lovely quote.

  10. Oh he makes me smile everytime I see him. Can't believe you're getting snow already. That's quite an interesting system they've got there. How far away is the quarry from the plant?

  11. Rocky looks very smart in his jacket, and I love they way he poses for you, very professional :-)

    Sue xx

  12. Love Rocky! :) Wow, snow!! It's pretty cold here but nothing falling from the sky but Bristol drizzle! :)

  13. Hi Matthew. Here is a bit of info about the conveyor belt. Quote taken from here....
    Eastwoods Humber Cement, the previous owners, first started operations in 1938 and in those days chalk was dug by hand and transported to the works from Middlegate Lane by overhead bucket container over a distance of 1.5 km. Clay, mostly Boulder Clay, was extracted from pits behind the works and moved via a narrow gauge railway system. Following the take over by Rugby Cement in 1962, a new high speed conveyor belt with a capacity of 4 000 tonnes a day replaced the old bucket system.

    There are more images of it here, where it crosses the River Ancholme. Copy and paste.

    Hi lucindasans, pleased to meet you. It is not a requirement to have a google account, or any other account, to visit my blog. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to join anything, dip in and out whenever you want to.

    Hi Gill, I am a volunteer dog walker, a doggy aunty if you like.

  14. Love the last picture, bless him..

  15. Just to say, I very much do the same with washing my clothes. Clothes are inspected after wearing, spot cleaned with a little water (soap only necessary if really splodged), sometimes "freshened" up outside. I do not own a washing machine (I admit it would be nice to have one). My clothes last years and I am always freshly turned out.

    Sorry, I have not started to write my own blog and have had therefore to send you this as "anonymous". Best wishes Natalie

  16. Love following your bog every day. You make it very interesting.

  17. There is something just so cute about a dog in a coat :-)

  18. Oh he is so cute, very dashing indeed

  19. Thank you Sylvia, very kind of you to say so.
    Best wishes to you to, Natalie

  20. Rocky's really cute! He's lucky to have a really caring owner like you. Your posts are always so enjoyable to read too.


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