Saturday, 27 October 2012

Skip diving again

Good morning. Brrrr, it's cold outside, woke up to a snow storm this morning, I lay in a bit till 8am being as it's a weekend. But, hey look at it now, the sun has come out, still cold, but looking bright and cheerfull.
First I must say a very big thank you to Elaine who lives over the pond. Upper Darby, PA it says on the parcel, not sure where that is but it took 11 days to get here. She has sent me a very funny book, called Cats Cats Cats, a collection of great cat cartoons. Elaine, I've had a peek inside and had a titter, I can see that this book will be very entertaining. Thank you so much for your kind gift. I would like to copy a few of the cartoons here, but I don't think the copyright laws allow that, unless I get permission. I might sneak one or two in later.
Right, what have I got planned for the day? Some local walking, must get off the backside and get out there, and hey, look at this, I got some new toys to play with, ha ha.  
Inspired by my attempt to create an artwork out of an old bit of broken car, I have gone and got myself three new pieces. I called in a car body repair shop yesterday and asked if I could riffle through their bins. I'm sure they thought I was a bit mad, but they gave me permission and said be carefull there is glass in there. I suspect they didn't want me sueing them for injuries. There was lots of body panels to chose from so I picked out these three, thinking I musn't be greedy, and I don't want loads of them littering the house up in case they turn out crap and I give up on the job.

Aren't they great shapes, the silver one is similar to the one I have just done. The blue one is interesting, and I'm not sure if I might smash the big bumper into smaller pieces. I'll leave that one till last and wait for some inspiration. Now wracking my brains for some new ideas. The possibilities are endless, I fancy drilling holes in one of them and adding something to it. Hhhhmmmm, that's me pondering. I'm going to start by rubbing them down to take the shine off. I didn't do that before and the paint ended up a bit drippy looking. I want a better finish with these.

I like playing with stuff, you can't beat it if it is free stuff. A cheap hobby which costs virtually nothing. What are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy.
Toodle pip.
PS. Don't forget to turn the clocks back tonight if you are reading this in the UK. If anywhere else in the world, don't bother :o))


  1. My husband is chasing a small white ball up hill, down dale and through water. I will be cutting fabric up into small pieces and sewing it back together again, not sure who is the maddest HA HA

    We met some Geordie lasses in the pub last night, they said they had snow back home, I thought they were kidding. That's what comes of having no TV, you rely on your blog friends to tell you what's going on in the world! Glad you reminded me about the clocks!

  2. Looks interesting. Will look forward to seeing the results :)

  3. It's 6:30 am and I am going out in just a bit. Then, I have to pack a box for the PO. I may go to the sweet potato farm and buy 80 lbs of sweet potatoes. Then, I have a nap penciled in. It will be no higher than 60 here today. Up until today, 60 has been the low!

  4. Did you show the folks at the body shop a picture of your first auto-artwork? Bet they've never seen anything like it, and would be interested :)

  5. Your house is going to be a walk in art gallery soon. I'd open it to the public and charge a nominal entrance fee for the pussies.
    Love from Mum

  6. WE are packing and getting ready to move from the US to Serbia. only 5 more days til we fly over you and on to the Balkans. I just thought of a cartoon on Youtube you may enjoy... here is the link to paste and copy:

    P.S. I believe Upper Darby is close to Philadelphia, PA one the east coast.

  7. We turn the clocks back in France too ; has it any real use, I wonder ?

  8. Completely unrelated to today's post - I've just noticed your Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. It's beautiful x

  9. Your collection of car parts for art is cracking me up...can just picture the look on the faces of the boys at the repair shop...

    As for me it's dreary and cool day here...perfect for primitive rug hooking and baking...will try avoid napping...

  10. Oh I love your ideas... so completely bonkers. I bet you brightened up their day!

    Sft x

  11. Can you not make one into a mirror surround? I have a friend in Germany who had a rather theatrical mirror in his bathroom, which was a very long, narrow corridor and when I say long, I mean about 12'. On the wall were long strange shapes of coloured mirror which were not much use for putting make up on but dramatically different. I wonder if he still has it as he has moved to another flat now.

  12. Look forward to see your ideas come to life. Our clocks went forward a few weeks now. Loving the extra time in the evening.

  13. They are certainly interesting shapes. :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with them!


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