Friday, 31 January 2014

I'll get on with the decluttering....maybe tomorrow

This morning I made up my mind that today was the day I am going to sort out, declutter, and tidy the spare room. This room in the past has been the stockroom for my business, hence the metal shelving. Now it is mostly crafty stuff which has taken over. Oh dear, what a mess, it badly needs seeing to. 
After breakfast I spent an hour or so on the rag rug, I am wanting to get that finished, but I think I will need some more teeshirts. I will make enquiries about when the car boot sales start again.

The weather wasn't too bad this morning, a bit chilly but dry, so I decided to go for a walk in the park at 12 o clock. I'll start the decluttering later.

When I got back it was lunch time. I opened a tin of mixed bean salad, and put half of it in a dish with a portion of carrot soup that I had made and frozen. Zapped it in the microwave and ate it with a couple of slices of granary bread. Just the thing to warm me up.

At about 2pm I thought I'd better make a start on the room. I'm not sure I want to do this :o(
 Oh gawd, boxes of stuff everywhere. I made a start.

Then at 4.30pm my tummy was rumbling, better get the dinner on. I haven't got much left in the way of fresh food, but I have enough to make a three day stew. It's supposed to be a Rustic Ratatouille, that's what it says on the packet, even though mine looks nothing like the picture, ha ha. Worth a try with an out of date packet from the cash and carry for 20p. Anyway, my version of it is butternut squash, four small potatoes, one onion, the other half tin of mixed bean salad, and three handfulls of pasta. It tasted so nice I had to go back for second helpings. This should take me through till Sunday, I'll go shopping early next week. I have four eggs left and stuff in the freezer I can eat. Sorry about the blurry picture, I am no good at taking closeups with a flash.

I had a lovely surprise in the post today, the postman doesn't normally knock on my door. A lovely blogger friend sent me a parcel. I have some pretty red fabric, golden ribbon, a stretchy key chain, a fridge magnet, packets of seeds, green cobwebby fabric, and something to soothe tired feet. Thank you very much Sue G, I am chuffed.

It's blowing a hooley outside, looks like it is going to be a miserable weekend weather wise. Best get on with the decluttering then. I'll get onto it tomorrow. Hope you have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip.


  1. Whats that saying about not putting off what you could do today because tomorrow may never come!!?
    Weather awful here too, as you say - blowing a hooley.

  2. And here on the south coast. We have to go to the storage unit tomorrow to sort stuff out as we are really running out of time now. Maybe tomorrow should be National Sort Out the C**p Day!!! Good luck, will be thinking of you.

  3. I've been threatening to start de-cluttering for about a year, I just seem to be easily distracted.

    Similar weather here.

  4. Take pictures Ilona, I love a good de-clutter.I am getting rid of 2014 items for 2014- and I 60% of the way there already. Such fun!

    1. Hi Tasmanian,
      I can't leave a comment on your blog, due to the techno stuff. About your dress purchase, why don't you create a budget for clothing. Perhaps work out what you need for work and home?
      The coastal area where you live looks lovely, what side of Tassie are you on?

  5. From Margie in Toronto
    I sympathize Ilona! I'm pretty good at keeping the crap down and things pretty organized but I have one big cupboard which has so far defeated me. I manage to get a few things out every now and again but it needs a lot of work to sort it and - as you point out - sometimes other things are just too distracting! :-)
    I've got a few days off work throughout February as I love to watch the Winter Olympics (plus just want a small break) so I'm determined to work on that cupboard at the same time - no excuses as I'll be mostly parked in front of the telly.
    It is just at the freezing mark here today so it feels quite balmy after minus 36! But with the warmer weather comes the snow - could get up to 10 cm tomorrow! Stay warm.

  6. Doesn't look too bad to me, you might want it if you throw it out.

  7. I have the same trouble, i decide i'm going to sort something out and end up putting it off.
    Our house is in need of a serious de-clutter so i can get some jobs done, so, as usual i reckon on doing it in January while its usually quiet workwise except it never works out that way.
    I've ended up doing some work for a local firm and doing some agency work. The agency work got cancelled 3 hours or so before i was due, again, they've pulled that trick once too often so i'll get on with my de-clutter - tomorrow.

  8. We've just retired so we have 27 years worth of clutter to clear up. Probably take us another 27 years to get rid of it all! No, only joking, we are doing it like you Ilona, wait for a horrid day when we can't go outside and do it then, it's coming along very well actually, I am going round with the polyfilla and a paintbrush and cleaning everything up as we go. Very satisfying to know that somebody else won't have too much to clean up after us when we're gone. Not that we intend going very soon, we're still youngish and there's so much to do yet. Glad you received the parcel OK!

    1. One of the best incentives to decluttering is planning to downsize your home. We moved from 4 bed/2 garage to 2.5 bed/no garage so 45 years worth of decluttering was essential. Now, if we're thinking of buying something for the house, my first thought is "Where will we keep it?". Must say I found it a liberating process - now feel far less weighed down by "stuff". Good luck with what you're doing.

  9. I usually find that when I decide on decluttering I move stuff about but don't really get anywhere, lol. Trouble is , I can see potential in every little bit of so called cllutter and can't bring myself to throw anything away, so it all gets put back but just in a different place.
    Hope you have more luck.

  10. Ilona, that room is really good compared to my spare "junk"room, I have all my craft stuff stored , 2 wardrobes with all sorts of stuff stored in them which needs to go to charity shops suitcases with goodness knows what in them, a sideboard full of goodies like cut glass and table ware that on my own I never use, but as they are family things I hang on to them, my mobility scooter is in there, my walking frame also, The last 2 things I will be needing again soon as I am going to have my right hip replaced and will need the scooter to get about while I can not drive the car, When I get better from surgery I have promised myself I will de-clutter the spare room. I will I will I will hehehe
    Danneke making a promise.

  11. Just thought I would add to the weather theme....dont want to talk about the decluttering...trying to forget about it at the moment. Anyway back to the weather..yesterday 42 deg, today forecast same or higher.Bushfire warning here I am at 6am getting housework finished and all jobs done before the heat kicks in.We sure will not be doing any walking today.Have just put iceblocks in the hens water and made sure all pets water bowls are fresh then we will hibernate.!!!Australian summers.


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