Sunday, 25 May 2014

A visit to Bransby, home for rescued horses.

Bransby Horses used to be called Bransby Rest Home for Horses. A bit of a mouthful so they have shortened it to Bransby Horses. It is a horse rescue place between Lincoln and Gainsborough. They take in horses, donkeys, ponies and mules, which have been ill treated and abandoned, some of them through referral from the RSPCA. Some of the animals live out the rest of their lives at Bransby, while others are found new homes, either through adoption or their fostering or 'on loan' schemes. A second centre is now open, in Herefordshire, and between them they cater for 400 rescued animals. 
Yesterday I visited Bransby, they have an open day twice a year, and I like to take my donation and have a look around. 
The centre has greatly expanded since I started coming a few years ago. A new building and yards mean they can take in many more horses.

A new courtyard for al fresco dining. Cafe and toilet facilites are upgraded in the new facility.
I was a bit late getting there, put off leaving the house until it had stopped raining and had brightened up a bit, so I think I missed some of the demonstrations. I like this dinky little pony and trap. It came into the yard after it's trot around the arena. 
Next was to separate the two....

for a photo opportunity.

Birds of prey were on display. They must have had a heavy downpour judging by the waterlogged field. 

What a beauty.

A few pics as I wandered around.

A few horses had been brought inside to give people a chance to get up close to them. Children especially like this. 
These rescued horses look in fine condition now they have received the care and attention from a dedicated team of vets and volunteers.

Hey, that's close enough matey, I can feel your hot breath on my face. Yes, you are gorgeous. 

This is the little pony which was pulling the trap.

I'm glad the weather picked up during the day, though from my visits in previous years I know the rain does not put people off, they still come out to support their charity.
If you want to know more about Bransby Horses you can visit their web site. 

Looks like we're going to be dodging the rain for the rest of the Bank Holiday. I need to get out into the garden and plant out the courgettes and runner beans. When it rains I have a job on the computer to do. A cat has gone missing from up the road, so I will print out some 'Lost Cat' leaflets and posters, so they can be distributed. Must get on with it, the cat has been missing since Wednesday.
Toodle pip.  


  1. It's lovely that you visited Bransby. I can never go to rescue centres because it upsets me to think that the animals have been poorly treated in the past - I still think that they remember all the past hurts. However, I do give what I have to such charities. Hope the little pussy is found. Natalie

  2. I used to have the raffle tickets and send stamps etc to Bransby Horses, back in the days when I was earning!
    Love the new bit, although I never quite got around to visiting the place.
    Thanks for showing us you trip out.
    Sandie x

  3. Just down the road from me you should have popped in for a cuppa! It is a lovely place isn't it? I'm glad you like it to. I'm no longer allowed to dog rescue centres (4 dogs) and we already have foster cats and our own but DH thinks he's pretty safe with the horses when I visit ;)

  4. Looks a great place wand such a nice cause too. They look nice and healthy now.

    X x

  5. I have a smile on my face looking at these gorgeous horses. It's shocking that 400 are in the Bransby rescue homes,and it upsets me knowing how many are still in need .Some humans should be ashamed of themselves the way they treat animals..others deserve as much help as we can give them,they have hearts of gold.
    Jane x

    1. Jane, I understand your pain. When I read of cruelty cases, (I try not to read them because they are so upsetting) I want to be the judge and dish out the sentences to these evil people who inflict so much pain. I would subject them to the same tortuous treatment that they have given to an innocent animal, and I could happily carry out the punishment myself.

  6. Mary in Perth Australia25 May 2014 at 14:45

    Don't they do a wonderful job there. The horses look magnificent. Thanks for the photos. I have been supporting Hillside sanctuary in Norfolk. I would love to visit when I'm over sometime.

    I do hope the lost cat is found safe and sound. Good of you to do the posters. I wonder if there's a local website for lost and found animals. Might be worth a look if there is.

  7. What a lovely sanctuary for horses, I had not heard of that one, I have put it on my list of places to look into more. I agree the punishment should be given similar to what has been given to the poor animals and creatures who give so much love to us and ask litttle in return.

    I will be away for some days now as I am going back to hospital for my 2nd hip replacement, just wish it was all over and done with, I have to go in earlier than was planned as I have to have some blood transfusions as my anemia is being naughty again and the surgeon said best have the blood before the operation, he is a very caring consultant.
    It was good to see Rocky again, so pleased you are able to take him out again Ilona, he is such a lovely wee chap. Bye for now Danneke

  8. This is a lovely charity to support and you are most kind in helping find the lost cat. I love your reply to Jane and Chris as animal cruelty and how we treat the vulnerable is a true mark of a society and an individuals true value system. I'm not violent and would find it hard to purposely injure someone but for someone who has harmed or tortured and animal I'd be happy to consider making an exception.

    Laughing at your comment that the children enjoy getting up close with the animals....and some grown ups I'd think too!

  9. I will always get my pets from rescue centre!

    Very good of you to visit and show your support! Then even more kindness for the lost cat! Thank god there are people like you out there! X

  10. A great cause to support. We have been 'decluttering' and have enjoyed taking bags and bags of stuff to the local Dog Rescue shop, it's lovely to think of animals getting a better life (and we are too!)
    Do hope you find the lost cat soon - a pet owners worst nightmare, not knowing where they are.

  11. I too work near a horse rescue place. They specifically deal with racehorses and it's the side of racing that's hidden. Places like this do such good work. I too have always had rescue pets as indeed do my parents and sister

  12. Great photos. I had heard of Bransby, but never been there, so I enjoyed seeing all the ponies, but the owl was just gorgeous.

  13. Horrible what some people do to animals. I too would take pleasure in torturing those who torture animals.

    Hope the puddy tat is found. If you need help with your missing cat posters....

    Angie Mobb


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