Friday, 30 May 2014

Did you miss anything?

Hello my little bloggerettes, I don't know if anyone noticed but I have just gone over the 2000 posts mark, now at 2006 to be precise. Amazing isn't it, through sheer determination and perseverance anything is possible. Keep chipping away at something and eventually you see results. Give up somewhere along the way, fall off the edge, buckle under the pressure, and everything crumbles around your ears. There have been times when I have really struggled for something to say, then at the eleventh hour some fleeting thought drifts into my head and a seed is planted. Saved once more, lets hit the keyboard.

I've just done a dog walk and as I was being pulled along by Bella the labradoodle, I was trying to think of a topic for today's post. Aha, I know! Lightbulb moment. In 2000 posts there is lots of interesting stuff buried in the vaults. Only those who are new to the blog and start reading from the beginning, are likely to find it. Even the most determined of people may not have the staying power to plough through every single word, and who can blame them, it's a mammoth task.

I have done a little delving into the archives for you, and picked out a few bite sized bits of what I think are interesting posts. I'll sidestep the mundane, the housework, the cooking, the shopping, the everyday kind of living posts, they are the fillers, the stuff to put in to plug a gap. So if you haven't been here very long and feel you might have missed out on a lot of what has been going on, take a trip down memory lane with me.

To help me find these posts I am going to click on the labels on the side bar, and see what comes up, then add the link to that post here. If you have been with me for a long time you may not want to read the same old same old again, fair enough, just come back tomorrow for the next post. You might have noticed that I don't say I blog daily, I post daily. So, let's go.

Do you remember when I painted the snow on my front garden. Snow is lovely when it first appears, everywhere looks fresh and white, then when it hangs around for a while, it becomes boring and I just want it gone. So why put up with boring white snow, why not paint it.

A year ago I went to have a look at the 1939 house down the hill. Joanna lives there and lives her life exactly how they used to in the forties. She dresses in the style, she rides a bicycle to work, she grows her own veg in her back garden, and does her washing in a dolly tub on a Monday. I had such a lot of photo's of that visit that I split them into four posts, here is one of them.

As you know I love days out walking around our wonderful English countryside. There are lots of posts to choose from, it's difficult to choose which one is best. I have picked one out from September 2011, a circular walk of 12 miles in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

It's almost a year ago since my Uncle Stan's 90th birthday, I remember that day with fondness. A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon, family and friends gathered in the garden, food and drinks, excited chatter, and a band playing in the background. Times spent with family are precious.

Aaah, Horncastle, I remember Horncastle. How can I forget the church full of antiques, and the back yard of the second hand shop stuffed full of every kind of bricabrac imaginable. Tons and tons of pots left out in the open, mucky pots in need of a good scrub. Twas an interesting visit.

Did you try making your own crisps in the microwave? If you haven't this the post you want with full instructions. Go on, have a go. It's cheaper than buying a packet, and fun.

I love colourful art, especially modern and contemporary art, and I love visiting art galleries. This post is about a visit to the National Centre for Craft and Design at Sleaford. I love to explore artistic talent. I don't always 'get it', but there's nothing like studying a piece and trying to imagine what's going on inside the artists head.

I bet you are interested in which post has had the most view's. Thought you might.
It's this one, it's way out in front. 8064 page views on this one post. Not sure why, apart from the fact that some of the comments were a tad nasty. Maybe word got around,  hey look at this loony woman freezing her tits off in her hovel. Ha ha. You gotta laugh.

Anyway, I'll leave you with these to potter around should the fancy take you. I have to go and wash the pots, then wash my hair, because I'm going out tonight. Yes, you heard right, actually going out at night, something I haven't done for yonks. I'm going to walk five minutes to the club in the village and help someone celebrate their retirement. It's a pie and pea supper, but I have been assured that a vegetarian option has been ordered for me, so no cooking tonight. Enjoy your weekend, and I'll be back tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. HI Ilona, I must have missed the 1939 house as I don't remember this post. However I have just revisited and it took me back to the fifties when I was at home, especially the loo and the coal hole. We had a range and boy did it chuck out some heat, it never went out, my Mum used to 'bank it up' over night with dust so that it kept it going for the next day.

  2. I laughed out loud at your painted snow, I must have missed that one. Congratulations on your 2000+ posts. The reason we are all fans is because you keep your blog fresh with a wide range of subjects.

  3. Ilona, I enjoy your posts, they give me a smile most nights. Enjoy your evening out and don't change a damn thing. Take care.

  4. Hi hun,
    What an interesting post - great to catch up on previous ones! I LOVE your coloured snow what a great idea - I will be pinching that one for the grandbabies for next winter. Have been catching up - glad you had a lovely time at the Golden Fleece- it was odd seeing it (last time I was 7 years old - quite a few moons ago! *grin*!!). Your writing style is so easy to read ..I feel like I am popping in for a cup of coffee while you chat.Have a lovely evening. *hugs* Sue :)

  5. My favourite post must have been that of the 1939 house. Such nostalgia! I bet that`s the one with the most response.

  6. These are interesting posts and I'll definitely be trying the crisps, but actually, I really enjoy your 'mundane' posts. It's great to see how someone else is 'managing to live better on less'; to use S'burys irritating slogan more accurately than they do!

  7. LOVE the 1939 pictures! I really really want a wooden clothes horse!!! x

  8. It's lovely to take a trip down memory lane♥ I clicked on the snow post as I couldn't quite remember that, once I saw the photos how could I forget, I even made a comment:) I didn't realise how long I've been a follower of your blog. Cannot thank you enough for the happy times I've spent reading your posts and all the wonderful photos and information you have given us, eh happy days♥ Linda xxx

  9. I have a wooden clothes dryer & a ceiling airer which is on our back verandah.
    I am definitely going to try the crisps, like you no salt.

  10. I remember,I remember! We tried to do crisps in the microwave after your worked fine twice,then blew up the microwave so it only works on low settings...but those crisps were flipping good!!
    Jane x

  11. Congratulations on your 2000 posts!! That is quite an achievement.
    I am a new reader, and I have really enjoyed your blog. Love your sense of humor! Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us. I will have to go back and catch up on your older posts.
    The picture in your most popular post, cracks me those slippers. And the painted snow, definitely going to surprise my kids with that next winter. Will have to try the crisps; I didn't know you could make them in the microwave. Will check out the other posts too.
    Keep doing what you are doing for another 2000 posts, please.

  12. 2000+ posts. Congrats to you for keeping it going. Break out the bubbly and give yourself a toast. :)

  13. hahaha I love the painted snow, We don't get snow very often so I hope I don't forget that post as I know L would love it. I also enjoyed the 1939 posts, they were so interesting.

  14. I remembered them all but the coloured snow (how did that pass me by? - Amazing). I didn't really enjoy re-reading the last one, it still upsets me that people can be so callous and nasty when hiding behind a computer. I think it bothered us more than it bothered you though. Funnily enough I actually like your 'fillers', the nosy person within me likes to know what you had for dinner, jobs done around the house etc. Its a bit like making conversation at the school gate (what are you making for tea? what jobs did you manage to get done today? what are you watching on tv?). Trivial but it connects people. Congratulations for sticking at it, your blog is a credit to you and has certainly helped me on several occasions with your sensible advice and inspiration to do something new. Thank you. Debbie

  15. How could I have missed the painted snow? All your passersby must have loved it. Anyway congrats on the 2,000 posts. I'm looking forward to the next 2,000!

    Linda xx

  16. Wow, you weren't kidding, some anonymous posters are downright rude. Whenever I come across a blog or someone I don't like much on the internet I click over to somewhere else and I don't bother with their website anymore, why on earth would I look at pages I don't like? These people must be deeply unhappy, they clearly have an issue yet continue to torture themselves and come back to get all bothered and then be nasty towards you rather than go and find something they do like. Personally I suspect trolls don't have the backbone to say what they want in real life to the people they are angry with and so they seek out people they don't like online and do it there. Doesn't work of course, but if they knew that they wouldn't be doing it in the first place :). I think your blog is great, I love that you talk about your day and whatever you feel like at the time. You seem very genuine and very honest about who you are and that's a rare thing these days. May you have many more posts to come!

  17. I remember most of the posts so i must have been visiting your blog for 12 months or so. The 1939 house was interesting, i dont remember the coloured snow but it looks fun although i remember going to a steel fabricators near asda after there had been a heavy snowfall, the snow was over a foot deep and it was minus9. Getting your car recovered from your uncles birthday was a great example of saving petrol haha.
    I'm a bit disappointed that none of the archives include Nellie.


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