Thursday, 29 May 2014

The park is looking nice

I'm back on the yellow sticker trail again. I never stop looking actually, it's a habit of mine, pop in a shop to see what cheap delights there are on offer. Today I went into the small Tesco and found some bargains that sort of hopped into my basket. 200grm ,mature cheddar cheese, reduced from £1.58 to 16p, I had three packs. Camembert cheese, was £1.73, now 17p. Cherry tomatoes 30p, wholemeal bread 28p, butternut squash 42p. Thank you very much, £2.51 spent. 
Then I popped into the Spar shop as I was passing. Big tomatoes 40p, cucumber 30p. I'm chuffed. 
I haven't been to the park for a while, mainly because there is a charge to go in during the summer months. But, they unlock the side gate for pedestrians at 4.30pm which allows access to the grounds, for nothing. So I went and took a few snaps. The rain had stopped and it was quite nice to walk through the trees on the new all weather path, and listen to the birdsong. 
No mud to plod through now.

It was quite magical.

Love the splashes of colour.

Catch you tomorrow.
Ooops, nearly forgot. The lost puss has been found. It came back of it's own accord, didn't need the posters and leaflets. I told them to keep them and use them if cat goes wandering again. I expect it will as it hasn't been neutered.
Toodle pip.


  1. Well done on the bargains! Fantastic! I look but never do that well. Maybe try a little later. The park looks beautiful and so peaceful. Glad you've had a nice day : ) Hope the cat gets neutered. Visited the RSCPA for an event the other weekend. Broke my heart and am going to (hopefully) volunteer. Already have one rescue cat in a very small house but if I could, I'd have them all. Roll on the lottery win! Louise (Burton) X

  2. Great bargains. I obviously go in at the wrong time.
    Park looks beautiful.

  3. Mary in Perth Australia30 May 2014 at 01:27

    You have a real 'eye' for photography. I love them. What a gorgeous park.
    Great news about the cat. Thanks for the update.
    Pretty cool over here in Perth as we head towards winter. Yes, it gets mighty chilly here too :)

  4. I can't understand charging to go into a park? I've never heard of that before.

    We have an Tom round the corner that keeps going missing, I told them he's not "missing! he's playing Romeo but they haven't paid any attention. He comes back with different injuries each time he does comes home.

  5. Wow! cheese for 16p. Tesco always appear to have very good mark downs, Wish there was one near me.
    The park looks really nice. Shame you have to pay to go in though, but I suppose it keeps the riffraff out.

  6. Great saving again hun, good on you. I do love yellow stacker or two. The park is looking beautiful, such a ashamed places like parks have to charge now.

    X x

  7. Our local Tesco never reduces items to this extend. I`m surprised at your bargains all the time. Here in the South we never see bargains like that on the yellow sticker shelves.
    That park looks really lovely!


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