Friday, 23 May 2014

Imaginary family :o))

Good morning. I've just got to have comedy in my life, quirky comedy, sometimes thought provoking comedy, throw in a dollop of artistic talent and I'm in heaven. I love to discover a new artist on the www, and this one came by way of a daily national newspaper. The Daily Mail prints more fiction than news stories, most of which only require a skim through, in the hope of finding a little gem, and this morning I found this little gem hidden in the Femail section. I found it so entertaining I had to find out more. You might enjoy it too. Click on the quote and read the whole article.
'I'm simpltrying to get people to quit clinging to outdated assumptions of what a successful life looks like, lighten up, and embrace their lives for who it's made them, with or without the Mrs'

Suzanne Heintz was so fed up with people asking her why she wasn't married, she decided to create her own plastic family. She spent 14 years carting her husband and daughter around the globe making videos and taking photographs for her family album.

I googlied her name and came up with more info. Her web site.  Click on the links along the top, her films are on there, and her blog.

There are films on yoootooob. Try this short documentary trailer. Then click on others if you want to.

What do you think? I love it, suits my sense of humour to a tee. Does it float your boat? I love quirky, imaginative, thinking out of the box, ideas.

I want to get the banner finished today, so I'd better get off this computer and start sewing. Have a nice Friday.
Toodle pip.


  1. I second that, Ilona - she`s fab! And has the perfect man (one who never argues) and perfect kids! Marriage in the 21st century is not, and should not be, the only goal, and I speak as a long-term married person.

  2. I just had to watch this clip to see what the heck she was up to. It does sound very mad and a bit weird but her personality and ironic take on this is very funny. Challenging values by poking fun is a good on so many levels.

    Either that or its because I absolutely adore Weekend at Bernies and her 'family' remind me of that! Enjoy your banner completion!

  3. She slightly crazy but n a good way. Sooo funny. Oh for a hubby that never argues, that would be a quite life. lol

    X x

  4. I love the article. On a purely simple level, you will often find me listening to some comedy on BBC radio iplayer. People are very surprised that I don't have a family. Really! My Aunt was born in the early part of the twentieth century and during WW2 she ran the family business while her brothers were fighting - she never married. My Uncle never married also but was a pilot in the war and had lots of adventures afterwards. Shake up expectations!

  5. Great find, Ilona. Love the quirkiness.

    (And love the clothes she wears in her photos even more! Shallow, I know.)

  6. Love her quirky sense of humour but I don't think I'd go to all that trouble just to counter people's opinions. Too much work. But as she is an artist, I think it makes a great subject for her to run with.

  7. Ha wow what a send up loved it and oh so true very interesting not mad or even weird to me :)

  8. If her mannequin is being a dummy she can replace him with another model. A bulb in his mouth and a shade on his head and he could be a useful lamp. Children should be seen and not heard but a plastic one would be just the right height for a coat stand.
    I wonder how she got them through customs when she took them on holiday? Although compared with some people you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference.
    I think some of them must 'work' near you Ilona at Nisa or is it Nisa? 3 hours to get tipped early on Saturday morning. I saw the home of the yellow stickers too.


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