Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bag piccies from Jane

Good Morning. I've had a lovely email from Jane. I will add the piccies to the Bag Gallery.

Hi Ilona,
I remembered to take a some piccies of my bag,doing it’s work. It’s not a shopping/grocery bag,it’s my ‘Ilona bag’.
The first pic is heading up the steps from my house,second pic,the bag waiting outside the vets (there is a horse in the vet’s field but you can’t really see it),third pic, the bag being loaded into the car.
I love my Ilona holds our soy and almond milk cartons perfectly, and there is some give in the fabric so that it doesn’t cut into my hands. One of the cashiers at the grocery store admired the bag. I told him that my friend in the UK made it,and showed him the embroidered name. From that point on as he packed the groceries he would  look for your bag first . ‘OK, here’s your friends’s perfect for the milk cartons’. So, Ilona, even though you are far away, you are thought about every time I go to the grocery store. As soon as I get a pic of the bag with a Canadian flag...I’ll send that to add to your ‘gallery’.
Take care
XXXXXXXX for the kitties
Jane xxx

Thank you Jane. Here is a link to Jane's blog.
Any more photo's from anyone else, for the Gallery?
Toodle pip.


  1. I'll have to send you some of me and my brother to Jane's bag ... the blue version. As soon as I can, he lives in the boot of the car ready for action as all carrier bags here in Wales have to be paid for (very sensible in my opinion it's cut down a lot of usage of plastic carriers), so I never leave home without lots in the car. :-)

    And yes, mine has been admired numerous times too. I love Jane's Blog, she's a fellow cat lover.

    1. Come on Sue,the sister bag wants to see what her brother has been up to!
      Jane x

    2. I have read Jane's blog before. I like it because the cats have their own blog. Natalie

  2. Jane looks rather posh posing with your bag - Cheers!

  3. these "ilona bags on tour" photos are so sweet and funny! Love it

  4. Ilona, I have your bag but can't send photos on my old computer. (At least no one has ever figured out how to do it.) Will ask my daughter to send you one.
    Maggie from US

  5. Mine goes everywhere, its a great size and often gets commented on. I shall send you some picks across the next time I take it out.

    X x


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