Saturday, 10 May 2014

What next?

Oooops, I've just noticed that I said on yesterday's post I would catch you tomorrow. It's tomorrow now and I haven't anything prepared, so maybe I'll just ramble on a bit. Sorry, been a bit busy on forums, putting photo's and trip report on the Walking Forum.

In between showers I put the cane supports in to hold the broad bean plants upright. Then I went through the pots which have shown no signs of any seeds germinating, tipped them all out and started again with more seeds. Sometimes I over water things, sometimes under water, and nothing happens. I am not an expert at vegetable growing, make many mistakes, just keep trying, sow more seeds than I actually need, just so I get a few coming up.

Long chat on the phone to my sister today, she is going on holiday soon in the caravan. Chat on the phone to Aunty in Nottingham, going for a visit tomorrow to see new baby. Not her new baby, her daughter's new baby. My second cousin, I think. Chat on the phone with my friend tonight, as well.

Seems strange being back home. I look around me and think, what shall I do next? Well I could do this or I could do that, it's not like I have to do anything really. Not like walking from A to B, get up, eat breakfast, pack rucksack, put on boots, set off. At a bit of a loose end really. No doubt I'll get back into the swing of things in a day or two. Get organised, maybe carry on with the sewing. Craft Club on Monday. Been invited out for lunch on Tuesday. Dog walking on Wednesday, and Thursday. Go and see Helen in the house.

It's all coming back to me now, my life before the long walk. Yes, must get organised. Don't think I will be doing another long walk though, not just yet. I need to do something different. Long walks are becoming a bit samey, need a new idea, a new challenge. Hmmm, something to think about. What next? I fancy a bus pass trip, that might be fun. Just set off with no destination in mind, go where the buses take me. Could work, maybe.
Toodle pip.


  1. I looked into a train pass here in the US. Thought I might like to see the "west" Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, etc. But there was no big discount for seniors, which surprised me till you think that because of the baby boomers, most of the people currently residing in the US ARE seniors, lol!

  2. Ooh what next! Can't wait. And you put me to shame, though I have 'some' excuses for not being so active. It is ok to enjoy 'the now'. Not having to do anything much really. If everyday was mundane then that would be a problem. But from time to time just enjoying our normality and ordinariness of life is very enriching. Don't you think? Good to have itchy feet and a curious mind though - take care. Debbie

  3. I've been on my own little trip, so i just caught up with yours; Beautiful, as usual! I love the old castles and buildings and wonderful scenery! You are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous country!
    I'm sure you'll find your direction after being home a few days; i think it happens to everyone. I know it does me.

  4. Been thinking of have a buspass trip myself and have been trying to find a decent site that gives details of buses and connections that you can use your you know of any website I could look at?....well done on your walking trip

  5. I wouldn't mind doing a bus pass trip,,, once I get my bus pass that is. I enjoyed your 'walk' and all the pictures. Well done!

  6. When long walks got samey for me, I thought long and hard about what the new challenge that I needed might be. Then I got pregnant! x

  7. If it's any help, I'm having the same trouble with the seeds right now, I think it's all this rain, they're getting too wet. With larger seeds like runner beans, I find it easier to pre-germinate them in a lidded margarine tub lined with a sheet of damp loo paper at the bottom, I find that once they get away like that and have obvious roots and shoots coming out then it's easier to just bung them in a pot of soil and then off they go, the same with peas. It's my lettuce that don't want to do anything right now....

  8. Two of the best holidays of our lives were of the bus pass type. Once we arrived at Derby station and hadn't decided where to go. We looked on the timetable for the next two long distance trains and lo and behold the best one was for Penzance!
    Another time we had to change our holiday plans at the very last minute. We packed our little tent in the car, set off for Dover ( even though the cross Channel ferries were on strike) and once on the other side tossed a coin to see whether we went east to Germany or south into France. We did the same everytime there was a decision to make and had a brilliant holiday in Ardeche.
    I really enjoyed your walk especially as some of the paths were familiar from my childhood. I love where we live in France but there are times when I do miss North Yorkshire.
    Helen in France

  9. Love the idea of a bus trip. I would like to do the same next Sept when I get my bus pass.

  10. What about real as opposed to virtual blog hopping. I'm sure many of your readers would like to meet you.
    Love from Mum

  11. Hi hun,

    Not caught up on any of your walk yet so will be catching up in reverse. Hope it was a good one and that your not too shattered.

    X x

  12. How about Land's End to JOG on your bike? Scenic route, not main roads! Would be expensive though, unless you can cycle over 100 miles a day. Husband managed it in 79 hours when he was younger and the record is less than 2 days, now!! A good read is Free Country, about two young men who did it starting only with union jack underpants!! Took them just 3 weeks and no money!!

  13. Well done!! Love the bus trip idea! I went inter railing a few years ago round Europe! The best trip! X


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