Sunday 28 September 2014

Amazing voices

Hello. The only excuse I've got for not writing a post tonight, is that I've been watching old videos on yoootooob. My computer is my entertainment, and I love watching the golden oldies, much better than all the modern tosh they churn out now.

Remember Demis Roussos, wasn't he just wonderful. I like this video which shows the young man and the old man, singing the same song to perfection.

One more, remember Lena Zavaroni. Such a wonderful singer, such a tragic loss. It's approaching  the anniversary of her death, 1st October 1999.

Think I'll go to bed now, goodnight.

PS, I did read all your comments, thank you for sharing with me.


  1. Denis Roussos gave me goose bumps and a tear to the eye. Thank you Ilona


  2. Ah that was lovely Ilona. I shared a love of Demis Roussos with my Aunt in the 70s and we were lucky enough to see him perform live at Newcastle upon Tyne City Hall. I think he's even more handsome now with his gorgeous white hair. Tricia x

  3. I did enjoy those - thank you. What a shame no one could help Lena, she was such a talent. And great to see Demis still performing, he was always note perfect.

  4. Amazing Demis Roussos! I remember him on the German top of the pops many years ago. Nice to see he still has that great voice today. Wouldn`t have recognised him now, though. As kids we always thought he must have had his knickers in a twist to have such a high pitched voice, lol. I also remember Nana Mouskouri who was my mums favourite singer in the 70`s. Aaah, nostalgia! Those were the days.

  5. Wonderful to watch. I was so sad and shocked to learn Lena Zavaroni had died, it was very emotional watching such a wonderful, talented and beautiful singer. I also didn't realise Demis Roussos was still performing, as Sarina said "those were the days" Many thanks for reminding us Ilona:) Linda xx

  6. Thank you so much for the video of Demis. It was beautiful. I've not heard of him before this. My horizons have been expanded.

  7. Hi Ilona Thank you for video clips of Demis and Lena. Lena almost had me in tears, such a sad loss, so young. Lyn x


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