Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday Night Natter

Helloooooo, is there anybody out there. We've had some beautiful sunsets just lately, the best ones are when the clouds partially cover the sinking sun. I managed to get this shot the other night, the river along the bottom, looking out over Doncaster way. This afternoon this same view was shrouded in mist with the wind turbines in the distance barely visible. What funny weather we're having. 
 I did a swap today, at lunch time I microwaved a home made veggie stew out of the freezer, something I would normally eat at dinner time about 6pm. Then tonight I just fancied spaghetti and scrambled egg on toast. Half a tin of spag 12p, two eggs 34p, two slices of bread 5p. dinner for 51p. Quick and easy, can't be bothered to cook sort of meal.

This morning I went to the craft club, and had a natter with the ladies. I am still working on the patchwork cover for my sewing machine. I seem to have three projects on the go at the same time here at the moment. Very confusing switching from one to the other.

Well I had a false start to this latest picture, but luckily I didn't get too far into it to abandon it and start again. I think I'm on the right track this time. The base layer has gone onto the frame, It's a bit like a watercolour wash if you were painting onto canvas, only my base layer is fabric. Yes, you can see the cords through it, but be patient the reader who pointed this out to me, they will disappear the more I add to it. There is a long way to go yet.

I've had a lovely email, thank you to the reader who sent it. She said I have inspired her to have a go at making a quilt. I hope she doesn't mind if I quote a bit of her email here, I am dead chuffed to get it.

I just had to write and let u know what you have inspired me to do... I've made my own quilts!! 
After winning a lovely bag from u(forgot to say I comment as "simplesista" on your blog) and having been a long term admirer of your quilting I decided to have a go myself! The thing I love about your methods is that u don't say "buy this, that and the other" or give a million instructions- which I find a bit intimidating if I'm just say "use what u have, give a go and see how u get on". So I decided to make a scrap quilt for my daughters birthday. I used bits of material I already had and other pieces of fabric that were important to her.
They were all just random sizes so I tried to order them a best I could- It's not the most evenly sewn patches u will see on a quilt but it's the first one I've made and I'm actually rather proud of it! 

I've made another more organised one with fabric I found in my cellar.

You make a very valid point, I think a lot of the yoootooob videos nowadays are promotional videos made by companies trying to sell you their products. They go to great lengths to tell you about the equipment they are using, the machines, and the fabric which they also sell, when all you need is a pair of scissors, a tape measure or ruler, any old machine, and lots of used clothing that you can cut up, and a spare bed sheet or two. You don't even have to buy batting, a flannelette sheet will do. Most people have these things in their cupboards, or they can be found at car boot sales and charity shops. 
Your pictures show lovely quilts, ss, the colours are great. I am so pleased that you have had a go, and that your children love their new quilts. 
An update on the skip finds, the toys and childrens clothes have gone, they have been picked up and are on their way to children who need them. Ten boxes and two big bags of soft cuddly toys.

I'll get off now, going to relax with a book or two. Toodle pip. 


  1. We had one of those sunsets last night, it's quite spooky (in a nice way). Your art is coming on a treat and I'm so glad the skip items have new homes - that is good news.

  2. You are an inspiration for a number of things Ilona. So glad you were able to help out your reader.

  3. Gorgeous sunset♥ Your blog is the first one I read whilst having my cuppa:) Linda xx

  4. Ilona, you are generous with your gifts- your talent, your ideas, your praise and appreciation of life around you. I love that you talk life after money, but not about doing without, but about true generosity-skip watching to clean and fix toys for kiddos in need, sales for rescue cats, walking dogs in your limited free time. At the risk of sounding sappy, your posts are a highlight of my day.

  5. My computer has been in repair for some time so I could not comment until now. I like Demis Roussos and I'm always trawling Youtube for my music/tv/exercise videos. I have to agree with the lady who commented on your crafts - don't bother buying stuff - just use what you've got on hand. I'm doing a little cross stitch pin cushion (with lots of lovely floss bought in bulk from a charity shop). I'm going to back it with some lovely fabric from a skirt that no longer fits.

  6. In your weaving I see a river, riverbank, green bushes and grass with a treeline in the background, under a slightly menacing sky! You probably have quite a different plan for it - it's bit like seeing pictures in the fire, Andrina

  7. Love your weaving to me it represents nature and reminds me of the pics of your walks in the countryside. Xx