Saturday, 20 September 2014

Art in the afternoon

Hello. That's very sad, I found this dragon fly on my outdoor table this morning, it was dead. I wonder how it happened. Not squashed, not mangled, all intact, no damage to it's wings. Maybe just tired out, I'll never know. These things happen I suppose. I took a photo in remembrance of a poor deceased dragon fly. 
I've had a lovely afternoon, I went to The Ropewalk, an arts centre in Barton upon Humber. It was open studios weekend, where the artists open their doors and you can wander in and out willy nilly chatting to people. I always like to go and see what Michael Scrimshaw is up to, what his latest project is. Here he is, smiley as usual. The sculpture behind him is destined for a school in Grimsby, it's not yet finished, he has got until half term next month in which to complete it. He's got muscles on his muscles with all that metal bashing.

Always a warm welcome from Michael and his wife, always a mug of coffee and a share of their lunch. They are very much into recycling and buying second hand. We laugh and talk about what we are wearing and how much it cost. Both me and Michael were wearing shoes that had been given to us. They had yellow sticker dips with their bread and cheese. Michael very kindly gave me a block of clay, it's a bit like plasticine, so now I'm going to do a bit of sculpting, ha ha.

I wandered along the corridor and stuck my nose into other studios as well. I'm like that. I like to talk to arty people, and want to know what they are creating. If you are near enough to North Lincolnshire, you might fancy going to check it out. It's on next weekend as well. Here is the Insight web site.  The event overlaps into North East Lincolnshire the weekend after, October 4th & 5th. All the information is on the web site.

I had a supadupa dinner tonight. All very easy to make, steamed veg, from yellow stickers and garden, mushrooms cooked in a little oil, lemon juice, garlic powder, slosh of white wine, and grated cheese. Simply delishus.

Now it's time to relax. Toodle pip.


  1. Michael is very talented, that's an interesting sculpture, the kids will love it. Your meal looks lovely - I love mushrooms.

  2. The dragonfly probably died of old age. They only live about 4-6 weeks once they are on the wing.
    I had a similar thing happen recently - very sad.


  3. I suppose the kids might love the sculpture, but I'm not a like the looks of the artist, however. Food looks good!

  4. I wonder if you find a tired dragonfly that's still alive if you can resurrect it with sugar water like you can with bees. xx

  5. He's very talented. I like anyone who likes yellow stickers as long as they don't push you out the way to get to them first though ;) x