Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ideas for the 'to do', list

Brrrrrr, it's a bit chilly tonight, anyone got the heating on yet? I am changing my wardrobe round, putting away the summery clothes and getting out the wintery ones. Layers are what's needed in the evenings now. 
I had a bimble round the car boot sale this morning. Look what I found. I like to keep a few bottles of nail varnish in stock, they are handy for craft projects.  I asked how much, the woman was having a clear out, 50p for three, she said. A bargain, so I had £2's worth.  
I spotted this chrome thingy, and asked what it was. It's a towel rail, it has loops at each end so you can screw it on the wall. Now I saw something different, it could be a piece of artwork. Howzat?  Well, what if you added some string or similar, wrapped it around the bars. What if you cut up some coloured fabric into very long strips, and wove it through the string. It would make a nice collage. What if you then stitched beads and buttons and anything else you had to hand, onto it. Could get quite interesting. Hmmmm, my head is full of ideas at the moment. I paid £1 for it, and put it on the 'to do', pile.

It could be turned the other way, might work horizontal or vertical, something to think about. 
I've started another picture, much smaller this time. I have some small pieces of sample fabrics, Coloured plain ones, and green leafy ones with white flowers. 
I've sewn four plain pieces together, and placed four smaller ones on top. Then I've torn some of that green gift wrap stuff into strips, and stuck it around the edges with PVA glue. Next I'm going to add some stitchery, and beads. Not sure how I'm going to do that yet, something will come to me when I wake up in the morning. I will look at it and it will tell me. Not tonight though, the brain has gone fuzzy. 
Thank you for popping by my blog, I see we have some new people. Welcome to Tightwad Towers, I hope you enjoy your visits.
Toodle pip.


  1. I like the panel so far - and I am sure it will look fab when you have finished with it, I am making some jewelry tonight :)

  2. I love your approach to objects and to art! I want a blow by blow on the towel rack as it develops.

  3. I think the towel rail would look great as garden art..something growing up it,or growing in flower pots attached to it.
    Jane x

  4. Your nail polish finds are super and you are clever to use them in projects. Me, I would use them for my nails. I learned a new word from you, bimble, which I like very much.

  5. Ooh those nail varnishes caught my eye! I would have snapped them up. I wonder what you will do them. I can't imagine what you will do with the towel rail but I can't wait to find out. Your new picture looks interesting.

  6. Great ideas!
    I buy nail polish when it's on sale at 99c a bottle. I get different coloured ones with glitter in them and use them to embellish my home made cards which I make to send to friends. I met a lady who uses them to decorate ready made angel wings and then sells them.

  7. You are always such an inspiration and I love your vision - and you're always so motivated. I just can't seem to get in the mood to try to make anything lately. I have managed to go through closets and drawers and make a donation. Feel lighter. Also, have a big (to us) vacation coming up in October. We have 3 days in Scotland and 2 days in England and then meet with friends in the Isle of Mann for a week. I am constantly thinking about the best way to pack and what to pack etc - I think it consumes my mind in all of my waking hours!
    Looking forward to what you are going to design using the towel rack - I have an idea of what you have in mind. Can't wait to see how it develops in your talented hands. Ranee in MN

  8. Really looking forward to seeing what becomes of that towel rail! You always have surprises up your sleeve.x

  9. Hmm..interesting ideas! I could see an interesting woven/collage landscape in the towel rail, used horizontally. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  10. Excited to see what you do with that towel rack. Your panels look pretty. Chilly morning here, frost on the ground but lovely sun on it's way over the trees. Pam

  11. I thought the towel rail would be useful in the garden, maybe over the bath drying rack too?
    I've got something I want to send to you, I KNOW you will find it useful! Will contact you on your email.
    toodle pip!

  12. cant wait to see what you make with the rail, I do admire your creativity, I just cant find mine at the moment!