Friday, 19 September 2014

Every yellow sticker helps

Good evening. I hope you are sitting comfortably, then I'll begin. Shopping went well last night at Tesco, I was there when the last yellow stickers were going on, managed to bag me some bargains. I had a £3 off voucher on a £20 spend, so I jotted down the prices when things went into the trolley. I stocked up on a few tins because I knew I would not reach the £20 with mainly reduced items. Here is the list.
Ground almonds £1.99
Carton Value apple juice 65p
2 cartons soya milk £1.30
2 packets Value sultanas £1.68
6 small yogurt £1.00
2 tins Value baked beans 48p
6 tins Value rice pudding 90p
2 tins Value spaghetti 40p
2 tins chopped tomatoes 68p
2 boxes bran flakes £1.76
Bottle olive oil £2.00
Bottle white wine £3.99
2 packs reduced prepared fruit 30p
Reduced houmous 10p
2 small packs reduced grapes 10p
2 packs reduced prepared salad 20p
fresh reduced carrots and peas 12p
Reduced bananas 4p
Reduced mushrooms 4p
Reduced crispy salad 18p
2 cucumber portions reduced 6p
Donuts reduced 30p
Sliced wholemeal loaf reduced 34p
2 wholemeal loaves reduced 40p 
Diced chicken for the cats £2.94
And then I did something I've never done before, I bought two bunches of chrysanths at 25p each. I don't have a vase big enough for all of them so I split them into three smaller ones and added a bit of greenery out of the garden. Brightens up my living room. A treat for me, I think I can afford it ;o))

This morning I took Ollie and Alfie out, the two black labs, and delivered them to the Boarding Kennels down the hill. They are now on their holidays for a week while their owner is in Cornwall. On the way back I popped in to see a friend who has had an operation on her foot. She has got a long recovery time of 12 weeks and can't do anything much, she is pretty much housebound. Can't be much fun for her.

This afternoon I went to the Arts Centre in town, then the library, returned some books and took some more out. Sewing and crafty books. I am drooling at the thought of getting my nose into them.
Inspired to Stitch by Wendy Lees.
Fabric Painting by Melanie Williams.
Free and Easy Stitch Style by Poppy Treffrey
Crewelwork by Phillipa Turnbull
Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork by Di van Niekerk
The art of Embroidery by Julia Barton.

Then there was just time for a bit of a bimble round the park before it gets dark.

Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. Lovely blogpost! and you might like my art blog, a lot of which is about embroidery these days!

    About the dried flowers: YES! into even the most careful life, a little treat must fall! good decision.

  2. Wonderfully efficient shopping! So glad that you treated yourself and are enjoying the three vases of flowers! JanF

  3. Fresh flowers, especially near the end of the growing season, are a bargain for the soul.

  4. I really enjoyed your post!
    We rarely get things marked down here to that extent,
    but I always check! loved the flowers, every lady deserves
    flowers from time to time, whether marked down,
    or roadside beauties, they add to the quality of life!
    I have had more roadside ones than store bought! many more!
    the books sound wonderful!

  5. Ilona, I'd say that you saved enough to treat yourself to some flowers. Hope your friend gets along better with her foot.

  6. Great bargains as always, I don't buy flowers very often, but would have picked them up at that price, have a lovely weekend Ilona x

  7. You seem to be getting better at this Frugal challenge! You certainly seem to have luck when it comes to the bargains.
    Poppy Treffry has a blog I think on Blogger. Love her work.
    You have a great weekend too xx

  8. Thanks for the trip away, and love the flowers and the cats I have something very similar but I have birds , I think your going to live a very long life x

  9. You must have a hotline to Tesco's yellow sticker brigade! Incidentally, Lidl (if you have one nearby) currently have 170g of ground almonds at 109p; ready to eat dates and dessicated coconut at similar excellent price. Cut flowers at that price were definitely too good to miss, Your park is beautiful, you've definitely chosen a great corner of the world for an upbeat frugal life!

  10. Lovely to get a treat of yellow stickered flowers. I don't buy flowers very often but when I have a vase full anywhere in the house, it makes me smile every time I enter the room.

    Is Rocky back with you for walks again? It's lovely to see him.

  11. Hiya Rocky...good to see you sweet boy.


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