Friday 3 October 2014

Pensioners day out

The day started bright and sunny so I thought it would be a good day to go out, as the forecast is rain for the weekend. Another trip to the seaside, this time over the bridge into East Yorkshire. I didn't go straight there, instead made a diversion through Market Weighton heading north to the small village of Warter. David Hockney did a huge painting called Bigger Trees near Warter, it was made up of  fifty canvases, and when I saw it at Hull it took up the whole of one wall. I wanted to find the actual spot where he took the photographs and did some of the painting. I parked in the car park next to the school and asked a woman where I might find the trees. She said they had been chopped down. Oh no, how terrible. 
I had a look around the village while I was there, went in the small shop and was served by a young woman who looked like she was about to burst, baby due next week. She had heard that the trees were chopped down also. 
Warter is an estate village, where most of the houses and land have belonged to a single landowner. These cottages were altered and thatched in 1930. 
The church of St James was declared redundant in 1990 and threatened with demolition. It was saved by the Yorkshire Wolds Buildings Preservation Trust which now owns the church and the greater part of the churchyard. Substantial grants were obtained and it was restored in 2006 and adapted for use as  cultural. educational, and heritage centre for the Yorkshire Wolds.

Ludhill House is an 18th century farmhouse recently enlarged and altered.

A view of the memorial taken from the church.

I have tried to find out about the bigger trees, and according to Wikipedia they weren't chopped down, so I don't know what to believe. I didn't look for them as I wanted to get off to Bridlington. 
I headed for South Beach and parked in the Park and Ride car park next to the holiday village. There are hundreds of static caravans all packed onto the site with not much space between them. It's very close to the beach and Rocky was so excited when we went down onto the sand. Oooh look, there's the sea, can I go for a swim?
 No, best to paddle in this pool, those waves are too big for you.

There are quite a lot of wooden beach huts along the promenade. These are very modern.

We walked all along the front to the town, Or rather I walked, Rocky rode, ha ha. We had a look around the harbour.

Oooh look, he has found a new friend, don't they look dandy together. I stopped to chat for a few minutes. I thought our buggy was cheap at £6, but they found this one free, it was dumped next to a rubbish bin. Now that's frugal, ha ha. 
More views of the harbour. I sat and ate my late lunch, cheese and lettuce sandwiches and boiled eggs. It was a glorious day, lovely to sit and watch the world go by.

Wow, look at those big wheels, I want one of these.

Hey, what's this, another buggy pooch. Say hello Rocky. No, he's got a hood on his buggy and I haven't got one, it's not fair. Don't sulk, I took it off, we don't need it in the sunshine.

It was a long walk back to the car, good exercise for me. I like Bridlington, it's a nice place. The beaches are lovely and clean, and a lot of the sea front has been modernized. I didn't see any evidence of run down properties. I didn't go into the town so I don't know what that's like, but there are plenty of eateries and lots of seats everywhere. Nice for a stroll on a sunny afternoon.

It's the weekend, I hope you have a good one whatever you are doing. Thank you for all your comments on yesterdays post, it's interesting to read about what you use your computer for. I'll let you off a question for today, but comment if you feel like it.
Toodle pip.


  1. Dear Ilona,, you are a dear!!!! I don't need to explain why, your readers will understand. Teresa

  2. When I was 10 I stayed with a friend in Driffield (I'm from the Deep South - Essex). This was in 1968 and there was a day when a special train was laid on and all the children with their parents went to Bridlington for the day. That's my connection with Briflington. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. I used to live in Driffield and remember going on 'Trip Day'. All the children were given a small amount of money to spend too.

  3. OOH I love Bridlington. The first holiday that I can remember we went to Brid. Is it still on a rail route? It must have been then as dad didn't drive. I remember loosing my mum and dad and being taken to the harbour master office while a loud speaker car toured Brid saying where I was. I thought I had been put in prison.
    Nothing like taking a dog a walk to get folk talking.

  4. Haven't been to Bridlington for years...must go soon. There is a David Hockney exhibition in Saltaire mill, which is wonderful and free parking. I'm not sure what to think of those dogs in pushchairs, is Rocky elderly?

    1. Hi. I have been to Saltaire, I like the old Mill.

      Rocky is 14, he has arthritis. He walks very slowly, and doesn't want to walk very far.

    2. Oh bless him. He is lucky having you.

  5. I have never seen dogs in strollers, funny. Interesting to find the landscape of the paintings, good on you.

  6. Rocky wants to 'pimp his ride'? He's getting spoiled...and he thoroughly deserves it!
    Jane x

  7. Bridlington looks like a lovely seaside resort. I love seeing sweet Rocky enjoying the water and the sunshine. Warter looks charming. Now I'll have to look up a photo of the David Hockney image you mentioned.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ilona. Hope you don't get too much rain.

  8. The city in your photos along the harbor is attractive and colorful, and your dog buggy is cute.

  9. We holiday in yorkshire usually once a year up until our first ever visit we could never understand people who visited the same place over and over again for holidays but as we love yorkshire , we do now, there is so much to do within short driving distances , Bridlington, Scarborough, Filey, Hornsea, Whitby, Pickering,Etc , we usually stay in reighton xxx

  10. Goo d to see my old haunts of Brid -- not to mention Flamborough, my passion! I keep hearing bad press about Brid so I'm happy to hear your positive assessment. Read your blog about Hockney's trees (actually I read all your blogs regularly, just don't comment too often). and followed the links. I never thought i would be one to like 'modern art' but honestly there is something so absolutely genuine about Hockney's trees and other Yorkshire art that I'm a definite fan. I'm so far away from my home and doubt very much that i will return again --too far to travel now with my aches and pains -- but the flavor Hockney evokes just grabs me. I'm so thankful for all my wonderful memories of Brid and Flamborough -- no regrets at leaving, just thankfulness for the past.

  11. We loved Rocky in his stroller by the seaside. Also loved the pics of the other stroller-dogs. You are wonderful to take him out, he is so lucky!
    Wendy (Wales)


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