Saturday 4 October 2014

Where are Hockney's trees?

Good morning, Saturday, raining outside, and I am listening to Sounds of the Sixties on Radio 2. A day in I think, sewing and stuff. Just popping in to say thanks to Liz for the link about Hockney's trees. I thought one of my readers would come up with more information, I supply the skeleton, you put the flesh on it. Have a look at this article in the Daily Mail, 28th March, 2009, aren't archives wonderful. Hockney's horror after trees are massacred.

I've found more about Hockney's art, take a look at these in the Guardian.

Here is an article about Bigger Trees near Warter. The Guardian has a lot of info about Hockney.

Hope that has whetted your appetite.
Catch you later, Ilona


  1. Just catching up with your blog. I watched the Joe Cross film from beginning to end. Wow! Definitely food for thought. I loved the trucker's transformation, especially him running in his Aussie t shirt. I am currently waiting for my new juicer to arrive from Amazon!

    Great to see little Rocky out and about in his Dog Mobility buggy and all the other little dogs getting wheeled around. It must be like cars, you don't notice all the yellow cars on the road until you get one yourself! Next time I see a buggy I'll check it to see if the occupant has four legs or two!

    Linda XX

  2. Very interesting post Ilona but I wouldn't have recognised him, I still see him as he was years ago. lol
    Just catching up on a few posts and love Rocky's buggy, he's such a dear.

  3. There's a lot of confusion about "Bigger Trees Near Water"! The huge picture exhibited in Tate Britain shows a scene which happily remains unchanged. The trees which were felled preventing Hockney from completing his series of paintings are actually further up the same road but quite some distance away. There are quite a lot of stands of trees round here that appear to have been planted as a (slow-growing!) cash crop and obviously not natural woodland, although of course once they are well-established the wild-life moves in and they appear very natural. I was shocked when those trees were felled; I was early for work and drove the scenic route one morning only to find half the trees gone. New trees have now been planted to replace these, but they wouldn't make a very good painting yet (well, David Hockney could probably see a different view of them; I would love to see what he could make of it!)

    If you would like up-to-date photos of both sites I'll be happy to get snapping.

  4. You picked the right day to go to Brid. Sunny , not like today. My son and his wife have a little Jack Russell called Rocky. They live in Canada and have to dig a path from the back door when it he can go to the loo.They foster dogs from New Hope Rescue and help re-home them. Except for the one they couldn't part with!
    They have a friend for Rocky now.


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