Thursday, 26 February 2015

Let's get this straight, four dogs and a cushion cover

Hello. I had a nice day with a nice friend today. Lady Helen, pack leader, invited me to her house for a catchup chinwag, some dog walking, and a sewing lesson. It was raining first thing so it was a good idea to sit in her kitchen having a good old gossip over a mug of coffee. Helen only has one dog, Henry choc lab, you've seen him before. Ten minutes after I arrived friend Roy dropped his two dogs off while he went to town. Angus is the white Westie, and Guinness the black lab. The rain eased off so we took them out for a walk. Rocky had to stay behind because he would have been too slow to walk the distance we had planned. I had already taken him out earlier so he was happy to snuggle up on the mat next to the radiator. 
When we got back it was lunch time. Here we have the three dogs waiting patiently for Helen pack leader to offer some tasty morsels. 
'Oh no, she's walked away, where's she gone. When are we getting some food.'

'That's not fair, she's gone over to Rocky, hey, we were here first.'

Food all eaten and plates cleared away, the sewing machine was put in position on the table. Helen is thinking about buying her own machine and taking up sewing as a hobby, so I took mine to show her the basics. Last year she tried a sewing class, but the teacher didn't take into account that Helen last used a machine at school, and couldn't remember much about it. Getting her to put a zip in on a first lesson was not a good idea. Today we made a simple envelope style cushion cover, and an easy to make shopping bag. Here she is, concentrating on getting the seam right. Her straight line sewing is perfect, she just needs practice, and to learn a few more techniques.
On the way home I pass three shops, a small Tesco, the Co op, and a Spar shop. I called in all three in the hunt for reductions. A few bargains found their way into my shopping bag. Mushrooms, black grapes and green grapes, cucumber, potatoes, cheddar slices, yogurt, stir fry veg, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and macaroni cheese. My dinner tonight was half the macaroni cheese with a little extra grated cheese on top, a potato in the microwave, cut it up and add the two together. It is definitely lacking in colour, but not in flavour. Very tasty, cost, 70p.

A very enjoyable day, relaxing, chatting, laughing, and putting the world to rights, with a good friend. Thank you for your comments yesterday, I really appreciate it.
Tatty bye and Toodle pip.


  1. lovely dogs there. Glad you had a good day out.

  2. Four legged friends, sewing and laughs with a chum. Sounds like a fab day indeed! :)

  3. You can't fail to have fun when there's dogs involved!
    Jane x

  4. Hello.Your visiting and enjoying Helen's and those lovely doggies company is

    Hello.Such a lovely time ,out today,visiting a good friend,catching up on the news,sewing and walking with the furry four,and bargains afterwards.The full schmeer!I always find keeping an old towel in the closet by the door very handy for muddy and snowy wet paws.Helen's floor looks unsullied though,and a very nice floor and kitchen it is.Thanks for sharing,a day brightener for me.Regards,D.

    1. Hi Des. The dogs were filthy when we got back. Good job Helen has a utility room with sink and towels to clean muddy paws.

  5. Rocky is so cute does he live with you love your blog

  6. Is Rocky living with you all the time now Ilona, or have I missed a post? Nice to see him enjoying his time with you again anyway and having a bit of doggy company as well.

  7. Love those dogs! I need a warning before all that cuteness in one page! (I'm feeling a little canine broody at the moment). I bet you had a great day with your lovely friend. Debbie.

  8. The picture of Angus "smelling up" Rocky made me laugh. We have a Westie and she smells up Lulu, our Lab mix, every time Lulu comes in from outside. Lulu smells up Molly (our Westie) whenever she comes back from being groomed--as if she isn't sure it's the same dog. Tell Angus to put his ears up so everyone will know he's not just "any" white dog, LOL.

  9. Hi,Jan here.What beautiful doggies,they all look so comfortable around each other.Good to see the little fella enjoying himself socialising.Lucky friend to have you to show her how to use sewing machine.I'd love to have a try but wouldn't have a clue where to start (didn't even sew at school).'Woof'n'Stitch' sessions sound brilliant.

  10. We've noticed that in nearly every pic of Rocky he is always looking at you. He obviously loves you and wants to be sure that you are near.
    Wendy (Wales)

  11. Beautiful photos, gorgeous dogs. Sadly, we don't have any dogs anymore but oh I'd love a dog like Rocky, don't know why he melts my heart♥ I'm still kept busy with our 3 fur babies though:) Helen looks like she is doing a grand job:)


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