Friday, 27 February 2015

Two suckers are better than one ;o)

Howdy pardners. I am now a two Dyson household. You may remember I got the purple machine out of a skip last year, didn't expect it to work but when I plugged it in, it sprung to life. Amazing. It was pretty filthy though. It's been in the shed out the back awaiting a good clean and today was the day. It was sunny so I had it outside on the table and gave it a good going over. 
I did think about giving it away, but now I will keep it because it will make the job of cleaning the stairs a lot easier. That cumbersome yellow upright thingy is a bugger to balance half way up the stairs. I have to steady it by wedging it between my legs as I get the nozzle into the corners. The dinky little purple one will be much more suited to that job. Only trouble is that there are no attachments with it. I tried a flat nozzle from the other one thinking they might be interchangeable, but it didn't quite fit. Then I remembered I had an old nozzle from a previous machine and went searching for it. Eventually it dawned on me that I had probably thrown it out. Typical, I tidy up, dumping stuff I don't want, then ages later I need it. I did find a plastic pipe though from a very old machine, and the flat nozzle fitted the end of it. As the pipe was tapered, it was a matter of sawing six inches off the narrow end which meant that it fitted into the sucking bit of the purple one. I don't know if you can understand that, but briefly I found a piece of plastic pipe which joins the two pieces together. Success. Now I have one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and no lugging that awkward upright about.  
I found another door yesterday for my project. There has been a skip on someone's driveway for about a week, nothing exciting in it, just building rubble. Yesterday I noticed a door had been put on the top, but there was no one in the house to ask. I stood chatting to another dog walker for five minutes, when a car pulled into the driveway, that was lucky. The lady said I could have the door so I went round in my car and picked it up. It's in very good condition, perfect in fact.

Heidi's scabby face wasn't getting any better so I took her to the vet today. We have a nice lady vet who comes twice a week to the next village. She comes from a big practice a few miles away and uses a little empty terraced house as a makeshift surgery.  She is very popular, you don't make an appointment, just turn up and wait in line, and she stays till everyone has been seen.

She doesn't think the injuries are from a fight, and I am tending to agree with her now. If it was a fight it should have healed by now. Marion took a sample of scabby fur and will analyze it, she thinks it is some sort of allergic reaction, so Heidi had a shot of antibiotics and I have some lotion to put on. Poor Heidi, she was very calm while on the table, and didn't mind the car journey too much.

Is it the weekend again already, where does the time go. Enjoy yourself whatever you are doing.
Toodle pip


  1. Poor Heidi, I hope you and her vet can get to the bottom of thing quickly and Heidi heals well.

  2. I hope that Heidi will be OK. I'm glad that you took her to the vet. Hugs to Heidi.

  3. Glad you took Heidi to the vet and hope she will soon be O.K. What a nice woman the vet must be! JanF

  4. Hope your vet can find out Heidi's problem, get well soon Heidi♥ The vet sounds lovely, I'm just wondering if she charges less for a visit, I think she sounds like she would:)

  5. Kisses and head bumps for Heidi from my bunch.
    Jane x

  6. hope you find out her problem and get it taken care of quickly.
    sounds like a great Vet!
    good for you on the vacuum fix!

  7. Hi,oh poor wee girl,Heidi,I hope she heals well and soon.Probably has no bearing on her situation, but will mention my sister's vet told her that an older cat sometimes gets skin lesions and this may indicate diabetes during a recent visit on her and her 171/2 year old kitty Elf.Sadly but expectedly she died last week,it was her time, and she was a sweetie and wonderful companion.Such good luck finding the dyson and getting it ship shape for use,and making that chore easier on the stairs.They are VERY expensive here to buy,so that's a great find.And Another door closer to your next project in the garden,very handy.Bye for now,happy weekend,D.

  8. What a nice vet - just turn up and she doesn't go until the last animal is seen. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Natalie

  9. Hope Heidi is sorted out soon. It must be irritatingly itchy for her. xxx

  10. Aww ... poor Heidi, I hope she is feeling and looking much better soon.

    I used to have a Dyson like your purple one, I gave it to my son when we got the upright but I miss it dreadfully, like you say using the upright on the stairs is lethal.

  11. I have a Dyson like that one and love it. Much better than the newer models.


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