Wednesday 29 April 2015

Don't answer the door

Hello campers, Hi de Hi. Bit by bit, the Summer House is coming together. It's a learning curve, I make it up as I go along. So far the structure has two full sides, three doors on each. Yesterday I added this pallet to take it round the corner. I had to strengthen the pallet first because I had used it for something else before, and it was not complete, so a few extra pieces of wood were added. As you can see the ground is not level, so I am using broken pieces of paving slabs to wedge it up so it's square with the other one. The pallet is half the height of the door it will support, but not to worry, with plenty of screws everything will be solid and stay in place. 
It rained yesterday so everything is a bit wet. View from the outside looking in. Heidi is finding all this activity quite interesting.

This was the state of play at the end of yesterday. I had painted the white doors with white emulsion paint, glass as well, while it was sunny. Not a good idea. Unfortunately they will need doing again, with gloss paint. I will be asking around my friends for donations of any unwanted gloss paint, I want to paint them all.

Today another door has been added, on one side I used the hinges that were already on to screw it to the door next to it. The yellow post is actually two posts together, they just fit in the gap between the top and bottom slats of the pallet. Down at the bottom I have hammered two meta pins into the ground and screwed the posts to them. It's amazing how I am finding useful bits in my shed. 
Sorry cats, but you are not going to be able to get through the cat flap.

Paint splattered everywhere, including me, ha ha. These two were the first ones I collected from the glazing company. They are taller than the rest. I wish now that I had waited and collected more doors before I started to fit them, but me being impatient I wanted to get on with the job. It would be too messy to take them out now at this stage, so I'm going to have to build up the other doors to the same height.  
I've already started doing it, layering strips of wood on top of each other.

There's a vertical gap here, I need to fill that in.

I need another pallet on this side, before I can fit two more doors. There will be three sides with three doors on each, and I'm undecided about the fourth side. I would like part of it open to the garden, but how wide to leave the opening I'm not sure. I'll think of something when the time comes. 
 Dinner tonight was wonderful. The last few mushrooms cooked in olive spread, garlic powder, lemon juice,  and Danish Blue cheese, on top of a very large microwaved spud. Two tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and a cooked beetroot. Love this dinner.
Food stocks getting low, I've just had some Tesco vouchers so I might do the yellow sticker dash this week. Bye for now.
Toodle pip.


  1. I am glad that your dinner was so wonderful because you truly deserved it after all the work you have been doing! JanF

  2. The Summer House is really looking good. Are you going to paint everything, including the exterior pallets, white? I think that would look nice, very airy. You are lucky to have such a good source to get the doors.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the floor.

    1. I thought I might paint the pallets as well, the colour depends on what free paint I can get.

  3. Looks like Heidi is getting acquainted with a view to moving in!

  4. Coming along nicely! Perhaps the door to the fourth side should be wide enough to get a chair/bench in, unless you build your seating from the inside?

  5. My sort of dinner, I was undecided as to what to have tonight, you have made my mind up, I have all those ingredients. The summerhouse is coming on well,it would be nice to have a stable door in the front, that way you can have half open and be out of the wind on a blustery day.

  6. Do you need council permission for the construction?

    1. Hi. No, because it's only the size of a normal shed, and lots of people have sheds in their garden. People have conservatories bigger than this built onto their house, with no planning permission required.

  7. I can't wait to see the end result. Its really taking shape. Had a quick google and and there are other people that have done just the same with old doors, some have made greenhouses. Sometimes it looked a bit ram shackled, but others looked amazing. I'm curious as to what the roof will look like - I will have to wait and see. Debbie.

  8. Brilliant, I love that it's evolving with every new thing you manage to get.

    I hope you manage to get some gloss paint for it, when I had all different colours of gloss and needed to use it for a project I tipped them all together and came up with a lovely sludgy pale grey colour. This would look great in the garden with some bright red geraniums planted in front.

    I can't wait to see the finished result.

  9. Hello.Good work on the new summerhouse,Ilona, and I find it interesting to watch your day to day progress.Over here,we are able to get free paint from the local landfill/dump site station.They have a room filled with preowned paint and stain etc. that everyone is welcome to .I've combined several colours,just as Sue did.Some of the paint was a bit gloppy so used panty hose as a strainer.Your dinner plate photo looks delicious and easy,on a busy day.Bye for now, D.


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