Tuesday, 2 June 2015

An enjoyable walk around Haworth

Good morning. Back to the realities of every day life. My two days away break was fab. I delayed the start because the weather wasn't very good, rain and wind, I left the Tesco petrol pumps and got straight onto the motorway at 12 noon. 
First stop was the JTF warehouse at Leeds. They have a new place, just off junction 27 of the M62. It's on the A62 going into Leeds on the right hand side. This shopping outlet is one of several which started out as a wholesaler, selling bulk to the trade. I used to buy stock from them for my fancy goods and giftware business. Things are different now, it's like a shopping club and anyone can join free of charge. Since they lifted their restrictions on who can shop there, they have grown quite considerably. 
After I closed my business I carried on shopping there for my own personal use, they didn't seem to mind if you only spent a few £'s. I had a good look round and the only thing I bought was toilet rolls. As with any shopping you need to know the price of what you normally buy.. I studied their prices, the labels are a bit misleading as the price written in large bold numerals is without VAT. Underneath is a smaller print which is the price you pay with VAT. A lot of their prices are similar to the Discount stores of Home Bargains, B & M, and Poundstretcher, so nothing to tempt me. My toilet rolls cost me £14.38 for two packs of 36 rolls, which makes them almost 20p each, on a par with the cheapest supermarket own brand. I would rather bulk buy them like this, knowing that I don't even have to go down the aisle in the supermarket for the next two or three years. 
Moving swiftly on. I arrived at Haworth mid afternoon, the weather had improved so time for a walk. I left my car at the hostel and set off down the hill towards the town. On the way I passed the railway station and could hear the toot toot of a steam train, oh good I might get some photo's I love stream trains.
Crossing over the line I could see some people waiting. I decided to carry on and get the photo's later. If I stick to a path running close to the line I am bound to see a train at some point.

A lot of other people had the idea of walking down Haworth Main street, it was quite busy. I loved these wooden carvings outside a shop, plenty more inside.

It's nice to see someone has made an effort and decorated the front of their cottage. No front garden here, but just enough room for a display of lush green pot plants.

The flags are still out from the recent cycle race which passed through the steep Main Street. 
Cosy little pub, very tempting but no booze for me today.

The church yard behind the pub looked lovely in the sunlight. This is the best picture of several I took, it was magical. A place of serenity, and spiritually uplifting. This curchyard is better with the grass left long, cutting it would spoil it.

Onward and upward out of the small town. The mist rolling in from the valley over on the left gives the impression that some rain might be coming my way.

Loving the lush green unfurling of the ferns against the dry stone walling. 
This part of the path is the Bronte Way. Here I join a herd of cows making their way to the milking shed. Rather muddy underfoot, yuk.

I crossed over the track and did a loop around Oxenhope village. and back to cross the track again. Oooh, I hear a train coming. Camera at the ready, snap got the front of it. Too soon, can't see much of the train.

Snap again, oh bother, I've cut the front bit off. I'm not very good at taking pictures of moving things.

Much easier to take a picture of a pretty little stone bridge over the stream next to the track. 
Ah, look, an engine stood still. It's back at the shed at Haworth, getting checked over before it goes off duty. Time to put it away for the night.

I arrived back at the hostel at 6.45pm. This is the side view, which I think looks much nicer than the front door. My bed for the night cost me a very cheap £7. I found I was the only one in my dormitory. You can book a private room costing more, but I prefer to take my chance in a dorm. If it's a quiet night such as a Sunday, chances are that no one else will turn up.

The decorated window halfway up the stairs, the sun lights it up beautifully.

I made my own dinner in the members kitchen, which is tucked away down in the basement. It would be a bit squashed if lots of people were preparing their food at the same time. After eating a simple meal of two minute noodles, lettuce, quiche, and raw mushrooms, I went upstairs to relax in the lounge. And relax I did, it was a job to stay awake. Talk about being overcome with heat exhaustion, it was like the hot house at the Eden Project, only not so humid. Too hot for me, I retired to my room where the temperature was more comfortable. Plenty of magazines available to read in bed.

Pop back tomorrow for day two of my little trip. Off to meet Simplesista at Saltaire, and another lovely day out.

Hey, the sun has come out, I'll get on with a few jobs around the house. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. Great to see photos of Haworth. One of our favourite places when we lived in Yorkshire and when we returned for holidays.

  2. This looks just beautiful!

  3. Ilona, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of your walk through the town and out into the countryside. What a lovely building to stay in, sounds like it went well for you. The little bridge is priceless, and great job with the steam train! Don't see those around very often anymore.

  4. I love the photograph of the cottage. It is beautifully kept. X

  5. I really enjoyed your walk in Haworth and the photos. How long does a walk like this take you? You seem to be going at a more leisurely pace then your long walks and your writing reflects your joy and relaxation. Well done.

    Would you sometime perhaps share photos of the inside of the hostel that you stay at. You always seem to do rather well. Is there a tv in the lounge or just somewhere to sit and relax? I don't like extremely hot rooms either.

    Take care till tomorrow.

    1. Hi Sandy. This took me about three hours. I walk for different reasons. Sometimes it's a stroll to take in the beautiful countryside, sometimes I like a challenge to walk quickly and rack up the miles. The next one will be a bit of both, Paul is organizing the routes. Two days of around 14 - 15 miles, with time to enjoy the view and take photo's.

    2. PS. You have to remember that after walking 20 miles a day on a long walk, I don't much feel like spending time on the writing. It's zap the pictures on, a few words, and go to sleep.

    3. Whatever kind of walk you take I love hearing about it. In my book you are the best. Thanks for always taking the time to answer questions.


  6. Bette O'connor2 June 2015 at 17:50

    This is breathtaking. I love your blogs and so look forward to them. Thank YOU>

  7. I love it when you go on a walking tour and I get to see parts of England that are magnificent . Thanks Ilona , I enjoy living vicariously through your blog posts !

  8. Beautiful as always. Wish I'd been there with you...But this is the next best thing. The little stone bridge picture is lovely!

  9. Hi.I was totally absorbed in the photos,the churchyard is hauntingly beautiful and serene.All the rest are so intrinsically "English" as I imagine it to be.Your Yorkshire visit is a delight to read,thank you for taking time to share,bye for now,D.

  10. Haworth must be one of the prettiest places you've visited on your walks. If I'm ever up in the area I'll make a beeline for it. Love the church yard and front garden photos.

    Linda xx

  11. Aah how lovely we went on a sixth form trip to Haworth and stayed at the Hostel - over 20 years ago now. Lovely seeing it's still as I remembered :)

    Love the river shots too

  12. BM have had an offer on for toilet rolls for a long time now. A pack of 18 for £2.99 but two for £5, very good quality, which would have given you 72 for £10.00.

    1. So what is the point of telling me that now?

    2. Because I couldn't tell you before you bought them ! and it may help you in future - ???

    3. Thank you. I will look in B & M in about three years time.


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