Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Simple Sistas bimbling around Saltaire

Good morning. Glad you liked the photo's from Haworth, here are a few more, from day 2. Not quite as many because I was busy chatting to my Simple Sista. We met up at the car park in Caroline Street in Saltaire at 10am. She greeted me with a lovely gift, a kind thought. I knew we were going to hit it off as soon as I saw her. Her emails have been friendly and chatty, and that is just the kind of person she is in real life.
The weather was warm and sunny, just right for a stroll along the canal tow path. I had a leaflet of suggested walks so we decided to adapt one of those to suit the time we had. First bonus of the day, a family group out for a bimble, mummy and daddy teaching babies how to forage for food. It was lovely to see them. They didn't seem at all fazed as we stood close watching. 

This is Hurst Lock. Further on is a swing bridge, so after a boat has passed through this they have to walk up the bank and open the swing bridge before they can carry on. On the way back we came across a couple who were navigating their boat through this lock. Me being nosey I asked if they were on holiday. I noticed that the woman had a southern accent. The story was that they had sold their house two years ago and bought their boat, and lived on it ever since. They stop a while to look round a place then move on. Sounds good to me.

The walk took us through Shipley Glen, a pretty wooded area next to Trent Meadows, with a stream running through it.

Hello Sis.
Back onto the canal again at Saltaire, and a stop for ice cream at the boat cafe.

It was becoming a little bit overcast so we decided to take a look around Salts Mill. It's a mixture of art works to view, with arty books and art materials to buy. There is a large cafeteria there, but it was far too noisy for me, so we found a nice little quiet cafe. A couple of paintings which caught my eye.

After lunch we decided to tackle another walk from the leaflet, in another direction. The trouble with using leaflets is that they are missing some vital information and they are not to scale, so it's not easy to determine distance between landmarks. Following these routes needs a bit of guess work. Give me an Ordnance Survey map any day. We walked up Thompson Lane towards Baildon Bank and up through the trees towards Baildon. 
The weather was deteriorating it was jackets on and hoods up. Time was also getting on, so we decided to cut the walk short and turn round at Wrose View, a house high up on the hillside above Baildon. Coming back along the road I snapped this pretty cottage at Baildon Green.
Back at Saltaire, a couple more snaps before we part company and head home. See the heron looking for his tea.

Saltaire Village is a World Heritage site. Titus Salt built the Mill, and all the houses close by for his workers. If you want more information take a look at the web site.

I left the car park at 5pm to go home. No quick and easy route back, head for Leeds and battle through the traffic. I called in at Tesco, as I usually do when almost home. Sadly no yellow stickers to be had. Just as I pulled into my driveway Janet was coming out of the front door, she was there to get the pussies in. All was well. Collect Rocky from his holiday home up the road. He was licking me all over with his tail wagging like crazy. Blimey, I've only been gone a day and a half. It's nice to feel loved.

Hope you have enjoyed my little trip. Catch you soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I enjoyed the trip . Feeling quite refreshed actually......

  2. What a nice trip and that was a great idea to meet up with one of the bloggers. Loved that pretty cottage! Thanks for showing us all your lovely photos of your outing.

  3. The goslings seem to have three parents; a very modern family.

  4. I find so much joy in your journeys.
    The narratives are always quite refreshing and interesting. The pictures enthralling.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. So gorgeous! Love the waterway and the ducklings. Don't blame Rocky for missing you...I'd miss you too if you pushed me around in a pram as I can't get a soul to do that here. hahaha. He's a lucky/loved dog! And so cute too!
    Thanks for letting us tag along. :)

  6. It was a good bimble- a mere ten miles!! We are hardy girls though, we didn't complain at all!! Yes do visit Saltaire if you can, a good place and worth a visit. And ignore that photo please, I'm really beautiful in real life-Hehehehe!

    1. It was a nice, casual, real life kind of picture. Much better than the standard posed.

  7. Hi Ilona. I'm a long time lurker on here but a first time poster. Just wanted to comment as I haven't been to Haworth and Saltaire for years. Your walk has reminded me how lovely it is-I must go again soon! Simple sista takes a great picture-glad you both got on.

  8. Really enjoyed the photos particularly the ones of the canal. Have never travelled this way with our boat as don't have enough holiday to do the journey at a leisurely pace and no point in rushing on a boat. Saltaire is lovely though and so pleased you had a good time. Kristel.

  9. We loved your trip. The railway pics were great. The scenery and wildlife added to it all. Dear Rocky, he must have been worried you'd gone forever.
    Wendy (Wales)

  10. Hi,so heartwarming to hear of your furry family welcome,it's good they don't hold grudges,eh?The little darlings.It was very nice to see you meet-up with Simplesista for a walk.Really enjoyed the photos and info,you have such a beautiful country,steeped in history.Big sigh...Boat living sounds like much less trouble than keeping a house and a very independent lifestyle,not being tied down to anything,but still having a homeplace.Very vibrant striking artwork,too.Bye for now,D.

  11. Hi,how cute is that? For you to get such a furry family welcome back home.The little darlings.Meeting up with Simplesista for a hike around was so nice to see.Beautiful photos of everything Ilona, and info.I really like the idea of living on a boat and being unencumbered.Though I do think it's be

  12. I did enjoy your walk around the town, and your 'sis' is lovely as well.

  13. Glad to see you had such a good time, and got the best welcome when you returned. Lovely photos.

  14. that first painting reminds me of the cover illustrations of Gervase Phinn's "Dales" series of books. I like the style .


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