Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I could make something with that

Hello, back again. I took more pictures this morning in natural light, which are slightly better than those I took yesterday with a flash. I don't know what it is though, my camera doesn't like red, it comes out kind of hazy, and the wrong shade. However, I'll press on with it, not about to buy a new one. Here is the heart hanging over my mantlepiece. Don't zoom in though or you will pick up the dust on the wooden ledge, ha ha. Quentin Crisp is right, it doesn't get any worse after the first four years.  
The kitchen floor seems a good place to take photo's, light is coming in from two windows. Yes, I wash it regularly. Every time I wash my hair in the sink I use the rinsing water to clean the floor. I get down on my hands and knees with a cloth and give it a good going over.

I didn't have much choice with the colours, preferring to use up what I already had. There was a couple of t-shirts which I bought for £1 and used on previous projects. I was pondering whether to put some embellishments on the centre red heart, and tried all sorts of bits and bobs. I wanted to use pearl beads but they sank into it and wouldn't have been seen. Difficult when the surface is not flat. I decided to leave it plain.

The back is red, not pink. I used felt and hand stitched it all the way round folding the edges under, to completely enclose the back. I am fairly pleased with it. The shape of the centre heart is still not quite right, but I shall take this into account if I use more of the plastic mesh on another project. It's a bit like cross stitch only bigger. Making curved edges when you are working without a pattern on straight lines is difficult. 
Here's a little something I knocked up this morning , I felt an experiment coming on when I woke up. A pretty flower which measures two and threequarter inches across. I haven't put anything on the back. It could be a Christmas tree decoration, or it could be made into a brooch if I put a clasp on it. Can you guess what I made it from? 
Of course this is not recycling something old or used, you have to buy the scourers new from a discount store. Sometimes I see things, especially those with a bit of colour, and my mind automatically thinks, I could make something with that.

Pan scourers, new, not used, ha ha. They make them in great colours. Similar to felt but thicker, with loose weave fibres. Easy to get a needle through. It would probably stick together if you wanted to make something using glue. Can you think of something you could make from these?

I have to go out now, thanks for popping in. Catch you soon. Toodle pip.


  1. you are Wonderwoman. I would never have thought of that use for a pan scourer.

  2. I wonder if those scourers come in red? Would they make good strong poppies?
    The heart looks jolly and is well done! JanF

  3. Another beautiful creation - you really are the master of recycling :)

  4. Lovely hanging. Great use of scourers!

  5. Interesting about your camera and red, as I recently took some pics of something red and the colour came out terrible. Couldn't understand why (still can't). Took some pics of some orangey red trousers today and the camera didn't like those either.

  6. What makes the heart so lovely is the texture. Really pretty. And I love the scourers made into flowers. You are so creative!


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