Monday, 2 November 2015

Rescuing spiders

Help, there's spiders crawling all over me, are they false widows or real widows? Now I don't mind sharing my house with spiders, but twelve of them, yikes! 
Did you think they were actually real spiders, did I have you fooled, no I thought not. I found them in a waste bin in the churchyard yesterday. A litter pick was needed after the Halloween celebrations on Saturday night. The Trick or Treaters having walked around the village scoffing sweets, chocolate, and crisps, cast their wrappers onto the ground wherever they were when the last mouthful was delivered. Muggins here went round and picked them all up. The spiders were at least discarded into a proper bin, among a bundle of bright green whispy cotton wool. Part of someones costume for sure. I separated them from their artificial web and brought them home in my pocket. They will come in useful for a crafting project.  
Found on my doorstep today, a huge bag of apples. My lovely neighbour from across the road always gives me a bag or two every year as their tree never fails to produce loads of them. These are very sweet and don't need any sugar added. Stewed apples with sultanas, with a dollop of yogurt on the top, delish. 
Just started another project. Remember the plastic mesh I found in the Village Hall rubbish bin? There was a big sheet of it. It looks like some sort of packaging material. Yes I am cutting up t-shirts, but I am not making a rug. Not saying anything else. Wait and see.
What a murky day it's been, the fog hasn't fully lifted all day. I had a quick visit to the mobile library after the Crafty Club, made a donation of some books which were given to me. Full house this morning, blimey, you should have heard all the chattering echoing around the room. it was deafening, I thought about switching my hearing aid off, ha ha.

Anyway, I am off to cut another t-shirt up. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip


  1. For a moment I thought the spiders were real. Nearly choked!! Give me the creeps just looking at them. Heavy fog here all day - got washing drying everywhere. More to come I think tomorrow.

  2. Foggy here today too, really gloomy and its got thicker since I've got in from work.

  3. We didn`t get half as many trick or treat visitors to our door this year compared with the year before. Apart from a few shrivelling hollow pumpkins left sitting on some gate posts or front steps I haven`t seen any related litter around our neighbouring streets at all. Halloween has been very quiet for us this year, so far too many sweeties are left over now. Shame really, as we always like to play a game of spot the best costume when kids come calling to the door. No such fun this time around, though.
    Didn`t have much fog today, but on Sunday I did get an eye full of it as I was out on a afternoon walk. Pop by my blog and see what my camera caught in pics.
    Not sure what to make of your art work as yet, but will reserve judgement when you reveal more in a later post.

  4. Oh you!Initially thought you had a puzzling infestation ,and am feeling foolish now... :-)The new project with the mesh is not going to be a rug...hmmmm,shall have to have a think on that.Eager to see what it will be.We've had a lovely sunny milder day here for November,very much a day of colourful beauty.(still have lots of leaves on the trees)Bye for now,D.


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