Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A few pics of redcar

Hello hello hello. It's been a wet and miserable day, and now it's getting cooler. I need to wear more clothes. I went back to see my dentist Jim today to have a chat about my tooth which needs some attention. I call him my dentist because he is the one I have been assigned to, he has taken over from Emma who has moved on.. It was up to me whether it gets done sooner or later, so I weighed up the pros and cons, and said OK, lets do it. I went back to reception to make the appointment, thinking it might be in a few weeks time, and the lady on the desk said, how do you feel about tomorrow, we've just had a cancellation. Oh heck, alright then. It was either take that appointment or wait until October, so tomorrow I will have a numb face and will probably be dribbling out of the corner of my mouth. 
I've got a few photo's of Redcar to show. It was still sunny and warm and people were on the beach and paddling in the sea. I watched a black spaniel dog chasing backwards and forwards for a while in between it's two owners. It was having a whale of a time.   
I took a stroll along the promenade, there are a lot of these colourful ironwork pictures mounted into low walls. Two of the penguins have been covered in knitted overcoats.

 They have a splash feature which spurts fountains of water out of the ground intermittently, the children were loving it, and some of the mums too. There were a lot of sailing boats on trailers parked up, with tractors hitched up to them.

Look at this beautiful building, sadly it is empty and for sale. I do wish someone would come along and restore buildings like this. 
The tide was coming in but it was still warm.

I had a quick look around the town, this is the clock tower at the end of the pedestrianized main shopping street. Sadly some of the shops looked a bit run down with shabby fronts and there were some empty ones. Redcar suffered a terrible blow when the steel works closed down. It must be hard for people to keep up their morale when that happens. I see that some work is taking place, new block paving is being laid which looks very nice. Scunthorpe nearly went the same way, but in spite of a lot of jobs being lost at our steel works, we have been given a reprieve.

The traffic was heavy on the way home on the motorway, a bit stop and start, so that added a bit of extra time to the journey. Janet had been in to see to the cats so they were alright. It was good to get out for the day, I enjoyed it.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Lovely photos, as ever, Ilona. Pity about the weather - you should come to sunny Devon, har, har! We've had sunshine all day here, it's been glorious. Thought we'd need a woolly today, wore one and had a walk by the beach (en route to the hospital for husband some physio) and we got TOO DARNED HOT!
    Margaret P

  2. weather wasn't too bad today here - overcast but not too cool. it is sad that Redcar High St is looking so dejected but other towns up here as just as badly off. It is very sad and I cant see it improving much with the current world situation. still we can always help others with the ways we live and show them how to be more thrifty.

  3. I do notice your lovely pictures of Rocky that you change most days. Just wanted to let you know as I read about how you rescued him and gave him a great time with you. Didn't want his pictures to go unnoticed. Missed but not forgotten. Much love. Xxx

  4. It is probably good that you will get your dental appointment over sooner rather than later. I think you said previously that some filings need repair. It will not take long. Good luck.

    I agree with Frugal in Bucks that your different photos of Rocky are really nice. You were so good to him.

    My favorite member of your little family is Heidi and I hope that she is doing well.

  5. Best of luck with the dentist, and I loved your post about your lovely friend, Carol. I have a friend like that, very opposite on the surface in terms of geography and other things but wouldn't trade her. I think your painting of the plaque is better than the original. Hats off to you!


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