Monday, 5 September 2016

New arrangements for a doddery old cat

Hello. I didn't feel like going to Crafty Club this morning, didn't want to be quizzed about Rocky, so I decided to go late and slip in while they were nattering away to each other, and maybe they would carry on nattering. Didn't work. C said she was sorry to hear about Rocky, which set me off, then she said she had also lost her own dog a few days ago, so then I decided that we might as well get it all out in the open and talk about our losses. On top of that one lady came back after a long break, she has been nursing her sick husband who passed away a couple of months ago, so the mood was charged with emotion for a while, until normal conversations kicked in. Anyway, I am trying to move on, as everyone has to when faced with the loss of a beloved pet, or a beloved family member. 
This is the new arrangement in my living room now. Yes, the cat litter box has been installed on the table next to the food tray. I couldn't understand where the puddles were coming from on my desk and the table. The water level in the bowl was going down rather quickly, was Bugsy splashing as he drank or was he puking it back up again? He has decided that this window sill is his preferred place, for watching the world go by as well as sleeping there. I caught the little hooligan yesterday. He had a bite to eat, then immediately peed on the table, next to the tray. I grabbed him and put him in the litter box on the floor. the idle beggar couldn't be bothered to climb down and do it in the proper place. I think he may be losing his marbles. 
Aren't these flowers wonderful? The daughter of my elderly neighbour, who visits every day, bought them for me on hearing about Rocky. People are so kind.

Here's a little tip which will help your aching back, not that I have an aching back, mind you. I got rid of my plastic washing basket years ago. It was cumbersome, annoying to get out from under the stairs on wash day, and all that bending down to fill it out of the machine, then take it to the garden, more bending to hang the washing out.

I have a tall folding bar stool which fits in a space next to the kitchen worktop in the corner. When the washing is done I pull it out of the machine, shake the creases out and lay it flat on the chair. I don't like peg bags so I have my pegs in a basket, this I clip onto the back of the stool with a bulldog clip. Everything is at a comfortable working height so no bending down. I carry the whole lot outside and set it down on the grass to hang the washing. When it's dry, do the same procedure in reverse. Easy peasy, keeps my back straight.

Hey, look. New shoots are appearing on the lilac tree stumps. That's a good sign.

Look what has happened while I have been sitting here. Bugsy relieving himself. I suppose I had better scoop out the soiled litter now.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soo.
Toodle pip


  1. I think Bugsy will be very happy with the new arrangements. I have a similar set up in the back bedroom for my 17 year old cat! SueM

  2. I hope your fur babies appreciate all you do for them - I'm sure they know which side their bread's buttered! Bugsy sat there made me laugh! The things we do for them. I'm the same with ours.

  3. If I should die and leave you here awhile,
    be not like others sore undone
    who keep silent vigils by the silent dust and weep.
    For my sake turn again to life and smile,
    nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do something to comfort others hearts than thine.
    Complete these dear unfinished tasks of mine, and I, perchance may therein comfort you.

  4. I'm going to have to arrange the same sort of thing for my ginger girl Lily. She has been officially diagnosed with cat dementia and it is a source of wonder each day to discover where the latest poo has been laid!

    Great action clip of Bugsy btw!

    That was very kind of your neighbour's daughter - lovely Glads.

    Linda xx

  5. I love the way you make room, space and convenience for your aging pets. Worth it isn't it? Mine slept on the work surface for years and when she couldn't reach I put a chair in front of the dishwasher and worked around her. I loved her so much it was a pleasure to do this. Who cares what anyone thinks. My cat loved me and purred her head off when I cuddled her and put her to bed. Hope you are ok? It is a sad time for you but you have been a great human to your lovely pets. Keep going

  6. One of our cats, when elderly, had the table moved against the wall so he could get on a chair, left sticking out for him, then onto the table and finally into his bunk in the airing cupboard. Originally, he had a higher shelf but we reorganised for him. I also made cloth bags for all the linens so he didnt get hairs on them. We know our place!

  7. Good idea with the chair. Gorgeous flowers (yes people are amazingly kind).

  8. Oh good, I'm not the only cat slave 'nutter'....Teresa

  9. It's wonderful what we will do for our beloved aging pets. We had a house rabbit for 8 years, she lived indoors and used a large cat litter box. When she got old , and was arthritic, my husband built her a handicapped ramp so she could still climb into the litter box when she could not hop into it! She used it until the end of her life.
    The flowers were a lovely gesture, they will bring you joy each time you look at them. JanF

  10. My 14-year-old cat now sits on the edge of the litter box and points her bum up and pees against the wall and onto the floor. Argh! But I love her dearly.

    Lovely flowers and very thoughtful.

  11. The flowers are a lovely gesture.

  12. I have two elderly cats and my male, Jacob, has decided that the shower is his new toilet should the litter box not be to his liking...easier to clean than other areas. Your flowers are lovely and it was so nice of your neighbor's daughter to think of you and Rocky. If everyone were that considerate, the world would be a better place. I'm glad Bugsey approves of your new arrangement for him. Best to you.

  13. Lovely post. But did I spy Trump's hair in the first photograph on the windowsill? Natalie

  14. Hi ILona, the things we do for our furry friends. Looks like he's got the idea, shouldn't be any more accidents. I remember our old Kitty as she was getting older, she had a job to climb up the back steps. Your Bugsy reminds me a lot of Kitty.

  15. Hi Ilona, you'll be surprised how quickly you will have blooming lilacs, at a height you can reach to enjoy their wonderful scent. I'm glad you didn't completely root them out. Where I live, in Oregon, old lilac bushes mark many now-long-gone homesteads and old farms. I like to think of the joy they brought to those hard-working people, with their generous blooms and signal that summer was coming soon. Loved the pictures of Bugsy--we're going to have to contrive a good perch for our aging Sophie cat, now that winter is looming. Take good care, Kate

  16. Dear Ilona,
    I read your blog with interest and think you have a very good life (including sad moments).
    Have you ever used a peg apron? My mum had one and then made one for me. It is very simple and I love mine. The most important is to make it not too deep, as you want to be able to reach the pegs at the bottom witout stretching.

  17. One of our cats always poops right next to the litter tray, not matter how clean the litter is. We got wise to him and have the trays placed on easy clean lino so the mess just gets picked up with loo roll and then the lino is wiped clean with disinfectant. They all have their individual little ways, don't they?

  18. Lovely flowers what a nice gesture.

    The things we do for our pets eh, especially when they get a bit older :-)


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