Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hanging hearts

Hello. I went for my annual check up at the dentist this morning, and was in for a surprise, my usual lady dentist Emma was not there, she has left, and now I have a young man to prod around in my mouth. Jim was friendly enough, he decided to do a couple of x rays. Oh dear, after years of getting a clean bill of health, it seems I now need a filling replacing. He showed me the dark shadow, indicating that something was going on inside. He said nothing might happen to the tooth for a long time, and it was up to me if I want to go ahead with it. I suppose I had better get it done, I can't afford to lose the tooth. 
I've started to make some small felt decorations for our Village Hall Christmas Fair, they sold quite well last year. Pink and purple. I make a back and a front, put a bit of stuffing in, and blanket stitch them together, trapping the ribbon inside.   

I popped in the garden centre on the way back from the dentist, and bought four plants for the flower beds. Two of them are lavender reduced to £1.50 each and looked like they needed some TLC, the other two are heathers, purple and white. All planted and watered up now, and looking good.

I haven't found out anything about the email notifications not working properly, no one has answered my query on the Blogger Forum.

I've got things to do now, so I'll sign off. Thanks for popping in, We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Sorry that you have to have some treatment for your teeth at least you have a nice young dentist.

    The hearts are lovely. Have you seen the little snowmen made using a little battery nightlife. They are very quick to do and fun fir children.

    I love lavender I have several in the garden and the bees love them and of course the lavender flowers are useful.

    Hazel c uk

  2. pretty decorations Ilona. glad you ae keeping busy

  3. hi

    was wondering, could you as the blog owner, just un subscribe my email , and then in a few days I could try and re subscribe? right now I cant do that, as I tried and it says I am already subscribed?

    1. Hi. I can't find anywhere to do that. I don't have access to a list of subscribers.

    2. ah...I have never had a blog..
      I had assumed, since it asks for an email, this was passed on to you, so you could monitor who/what was posting on your blog.

    3. According to the Blogger Forum, this problem has been reported over the last year or so. No one seems to have come up with a solution.

      I have no idea who subscribes, I think that information is between the subscriber and Blogger. The only way I can see who is reading my blog is from the list of 836 followers on the side bar, and even then it is not the full list as anyone can read without having to sign up to follow. At 5 - 6 thousand page views a day a lot more read than is registered.

      I monitor the comments through moderation, they come into my Awaiting Moderation box first, I can then decide which ones to publish. The only ones I don't allow are those which insult me, make personal comments about my appearance or intelligence, and those who are looking for a punch up. Occasionally I will let one slip through, the troll ones for instance, just to enlighten everyone that there are some messed up people out there, and it livens things up a bit, ha ha.

    4. ah well, no worry..

      I will just keep on "popping in"...

  4. A few months ago I had to replace a filing after I chipped a tooth. The procedure was not bad and didn't take too long. The only pain was in my pocketbook.

    Lovely, lovely hearts.

    Have a good day, Ilona.

  5. Yes look after your teeth Ilona, at our age we need every one. I am the same age as you, a vintage year! Lovely hearts, really
    pretty. SueM

  6. I always think of Pam Ayers on my way to the dentist's ..."Oh I wish I'd looked after me teeth! and the line "So I lie in the old dentists chair and I gaze up his nose despair" so funny. We only get one set of teeth and treatment is so much improved these days but I still feel anxious until I'm on my way out. I love your felt hearts I have made something similar but in crochet and five together is just about right. Rae x

  7. I wish I lived closer to your Christmas fair - I'd buy a string of hearts. Natalie


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