Friday, 28 April 2017

Knocking up some odd meals with what's left

Hello. Hoooray, it didn't rain today, in fact it was warm enough to sit in the summer house this afternoon. I did the six mile walk again this morning, the same one as last Friday. Determined to keep up and not slip back. It should have taken a couple of hours but, I met Paul with Doogal dog, Sandra stopped her car for a natter, and a young lady I talk to, the one who does a lot of running, was passing with her little boy Eric, so I had to stop and chat. Eric is lovely. All that added another forty minutes onto it, so I was pretty hungry by the time I got back. 
Dinner yesterday. I am very low on fresh veg, this is the last of the broccoli, with just a few carrots left. I made up half a packet of macaroni cheese. A cheap meal, yellow sticker veg and 23p for the macaroni. 
Lunch today was quick and simple, because I was late getting back. Spud in the microwave, half a tin of mushy peas, and grated cheese. That's the last potato.

And dinner tonight was similar to last night, except I had to add some frozen peas and beans to the carrots and onion. I don't mind simple meals, less faffing in the kitchen.

Mayze loves this table in the mornings when the sun shines through the window. 
I'm visiting rellies tomorrow. Auntie Pat is having a plant sale in her garden for charity. Have a nice weekend whatever you are doing. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I know you love to find Yellow Stickered food. I created a lovely meal last night ( not Yellow Stickered but things which needed eating up). Roast potatoes & roast parsnips, steamed carrots & broccoli, asparagus with a couple of soft boiled eggs on the top. Delicious! Will make it again - and again!!!

  2. Love to read your blogs!Love your pics of your fur babies too.Sorry having to post Anon but im not very good on these things,lol.Anyway,hope you have a great weekend,Debi,Leicester,x

  3. Cats aren't daft! Ours gets into the warmest places always.

  4. I'm now managing to go grocery shopping every 3 weeks as having followed you for sometime we are getting into the rhythm of eating everything before we go and re-stock; have found a local (4 miles away) Co-Op who I think may do their equivalent of your 'yellow stickers' so will go just before closing time and see what they can offer otherwise it's sticking with Aldi. By the way, I know you have said electricity is more expensive than gas and you cook lots of stews etc on your hob but we have found cooking fresh vegetables in microwavable containers in a few tablespoons of water on high heat for a couple of minutes is very good (if anyone tries this, be careful when removing the lid due to the steam, use an oven glove to remove the lid) but it is so much quicker than on the hob. Will be checking the electricity consumption of course. Amanda

  5. used up some old broccoli and other veg to make soup for tomorrow. will whizz it up and add some stilton cheese to make broccoli and stilton soup. hope its OK. Should be. we will be out cycling tomorrow.

    1. cycled 43 miles today on our folding bikes - the soup was lovely - well 3 of us liked it but DS2 didn't like it and wouldn't eat it. 3 out of 4 not bad

  6. I love the look of your spud and mushy peas.I even bung them into my soup to stretch it a bit further.Mayze is sooo relaxed-my scruffy dog loves to lay in the sun,especially since he's gotten older.Hope sun comes out for you tomorrow x

  7. The meals look good,have made a list of what I have in the cupboards and going to use it up before buying more. Mayze looks so relaxed, my cats always love to lay near the window on a sunny day. Have a good weekend x

  8. My kind of food, less faff more veg :)

  9. your meals look so healthy!! unfortunately i have such a sweet tooth, i always crave biscuits and chocolate. but i've been doing the yellow stickers now for a few years - saves a fortune although there's often not much on offer cos it's getting so popular. the best of the bargains get whipped away as soon as they appear on the shelf; i have even seen people queueing for them! oh well, my loss is their gain, and the food doesn't go to waste,
    love your cat - my 3 always seek out the best, most sunniest spots - it doesn't take much to make them happy. i've probably got a lesson to learn there!
    thx for keeping me smiling with your posts, i look forward to reading them with my early-morning mug of coffee!!

  10. Eloise at ... thisissixty.blog30 April 2017 at 23:29

    I always enjoy your "no recipe" posts. You're very inventive! Trying hard to get into eating up what we have before buying more but I still have a way to go. I think the old habits of stocking up for a family of five are pretty strongly ingrained.


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