Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Poppies in Hull

Hello. I've had a busy day today, and taken 87 photographs, there are lots to sort out. I'll have to put them into several posts, so come back over the next few days to get the full story. 
This morning I went to a Hedgehog Hospital with Helen, she is writing an article for her village newsletter. I went along to take some photos, and will write about that later. 
After lunch I caught the bus to Hull, there are some new art installations I want to see as part of the City of Culture 2017. The Maritime Museum is the site of the Poppies:Weeping Window installation. There are several thousand hand made ceramic poppies cascading down from an upper window. These poppies were originally seen at the Tower of London.

Looks pretty stunning don't you agree. The blue sky is a bonus. 
A little bit more information about it on this poster.

This is a good web site to check it out. There are some smashing photo's, click on Gallery and it will take you through them. If you hesitate for a couple of seconds as you click, it will enlarge each one to full screen.

I had a look round the Museum and spotted this nice view from an upstairs window. The flowers at Queens Gardens are always immaculate, the gardeners make a wonderful display.

I'll be back tomorrow with more photo's of my afternoon in Hull. Thanks for popping in, see you soon.
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  1. Wow! That's beautiful. I was lucky enough to see the display at London Tower. Loved it.

  2. I find the poppies quite emotional and poignant. I applaud Hull for recognising and honouring the fallen heroes of wars, fishermen who brave the sea every day and others who have lost their lives doing great service for their country.
    During my research of my family history I found out that a few of my great-uncles from Yorkshire were in the Pals in WWI, not East Yorkshire, but in West Yorkshire and it's so true that there were a lot of fatalities and injuries in those Units.
    I hope that other cities follow suit and have a Weeping Window on show, not only to remind us of what has been, but also of what is going on at the moment.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. This is absolutely beautiful and so poignant. :-/ Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great photo's Ilona - we went to see the poppies on Friday but it was a dull day, so my photo's are not as good as yours. I'll go again when the weather is brighter and take some more. We also went into the Maritime Museum as it's been a while since I popped in. Won't be long before our next visit to your village fete and we'll be bringing some goodies again for your stall. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  5. Gorgeous and thought-provoking. Look forward to more photos. Thanks.

  6. Poppies are my favorite flower so I LOVE this display :D Very striking .... thank you for taking pics and sharing!

  7. There are not many works of modern art which are absolutely beautiful and have a meaning you can understand without explanations. At the documenta in Athens there is a room full of garbage they collected in the street and other things that make you cringe.
    Thank you for the wonderful photos. I wish I could go to Hull.

  8. I don't know whether it's just me but I found the Poppies alarming and made me tearful and very sad .I think it's a very strong message - extremely thought provoking .Thanks for the photos Ilona I hadn't seen any x

  9. Glad you got to see the weeping window at Hull. I live very close to London so took a group of WI ladies to see the Tower of London display. It's nice that other counties can get to see them.
    Your photos are brilliant, pleased you had a nice day.
    Hazel c uk

  10. I saw on Anglian news yesterday that there is one of these poppy displays on a Southend pier.

  11. I loved seeing the poppies at the Tower and this version is just as beautiful. Thank you for the lovely photos. SueM

  12. I loved these photographs of the poppies in Hull...thank you. I knew the weeping window display was travelling around the country but wrongly assumed they had all been packed away by now and forgotten about. Although I never made it to London to see them at the Tower (only online and TV news), I do think your Hull pictures have just as much impact. I was inspired at the time to buy one, just one, in memory of my Mothers brother Ray who was killed at Anzio Italy in the WW2. It is beautiful and sad at the same time. I've displayed it in a vase in my hallway so I see it everyday. Rae x


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