Thursday, 28 June 2018

Another use for a plastic bag

Hello. Another hot day, I did my walk early to avoid the afternoon heat. I'm a bit behind, doubt I will make the 500 miles by the end of the month, only two days left. I now know the problems our walking group members have living in a hot country. 
I've been indoors sewing, want to get the multicoloured tapestry finished, not much more to do. 
I remembered a plant that needs a bigger pot so when I had a bit of shade in the garden I went outside to do that job. I don't have a bigger empty pot, but no matter, there are ways to get round that problem. It's an evergreen and there are two plants here. I decided not to pull them apart, they can spend the rest of their lives together in wedded bliss. 
I've had this dry dog food bag since Rocky days, it's thick and strong, too good to throw away. Cut drainage holes in the bottom and roll down the top. Makes a great planter. They have more room now to grow bigger.

I know you can plant things in just about anything, I've seen things growing in toilets and baths and sinks, and boots and welly boots. What unusual containers have you seen planted up, have you anything quirky in your garden? Pass on your ideas. Anything free that had a previous life as something else.

My friend has given me a load of beer bottle caps, she was going to make wind chimes with them but now she doesn't have time. Let's see what I can come up with. First I think I have to knock holes in them. I like something new to play with.

Now I must go and water Angela's garden and my own, hope it has cooled down a bit. Don't forget, it's check in time on Sunday the 1st of July for the International Walking Group members. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I've seen them turned into a musical instrument called a monkey stick. One of the morris sides has one.

  2. Good idea using that bag,theres always something that will double up as a plant holder.Ive got an old coffee table that was shaped like a chest with space inside to put things.My mate passed it on to me about 20 odd years ago.We used it as a coffee table for the first 12 years and for the last 8 years,its been in the garden.First to keep things in and then when the spiders moved in...I thought id let them have it,lol.I never fancied putting my hands in cobwebs!.Well,now the top has rotted away,the spiders have relocated...Im not too sure Im in the middle of doing it up to plant my kitchen scrap bits in because its quite big and deep.Anything to keep it from landfill!xx

  3. I forgot to mention,Ive got 2 plant holders that are made with those bottle tops.I didnt make them,they were bought from a charity shop in London.But they look quite difficult to make because it involves wire going through holes that have been made each side of the bottle top.xx

  4. We used to upend grow bags and grow all sorts in them, that way they didn't take up much room.

  5. Ilona - I've seen old boots used as planters, especially placed on porches. Also seen bottle caps nailed with open sides up nailed close together on a board and used as a boot scrapper.

  6. If you cut the bottom off a 2l milk carton and then turn it upside down you can create an 'Easter Island Head' to plant your herbs in. I like to fringe the 'hair' so it curls. Just fringe it and treat the fringe as if it was curling ribbon. Use the edge of a blunt knife to curl it. Paint on a couple of eyes 'et voila'.

  7. Curiosity made me have a quick google as to uses for beer bottle caps. Some are right up your street, mobiles, wall art, table top mosaic and flowers. The mobile was even hanging from a strainer, but I recall you've already used yours.:-)

  8. I hope you dont mind me commenting a 3rd time on your post,but while I was watering my plants this morning,I realised that I reuse some other things!.Ive got 6 tiffany type glass lampshades,that my Grandson got from an old pub that was being ripped out.They were being dumped so he thought that I might be able to do something with them.I just filled them up with my compost and replanted my kitchen scrap tomatoes in them.They sit on a table in my garden so the slugs cant get to them.Ive also got a small guitar that the strings were all broke.So I painted it,shoved scrunched up newspaper down the hole in it to pack it out and then put compost in it.Now it holds a spider plant.xx

  9. Hi Ilona. I've been collecting beer bottle tops too. There's some great ideas on Pinterest. I like the Mirror frames.
    Jacquie x

  10. P.S. I thought this was cute too.

  11. Not sure if its particularly quirky or that original, but I have used an old wicker basket that was looking past its best, lick of paint, lined with an old compost bag, scatter some wild flowers and its starting to look pretty. I also have used an old computer table which my father was throwing out. It has several tiers so looks quite good having plants trailing down - I painted it pink and it has a little storage for watering cans etc.

  12. Just as you get to Mumbles in South Wales they have planted lovely summer bedding plants in an old rowing boat, looks so effective.

    1. I bet that looks beautiful Pat!,xx


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