Sunday 23 September 2018

An act of God

This was a surprise when I walked through the churchyard with Bailey Poodle yesterday. The wind comes sweeping in over the River Trent from Doncaster, gathering speed before it hits the side of the hill. I have often wondered how the huge trees survive the battering, this one obviously didn't. 

 It's a good job it didn't fall the other way, it would have taken out the fence and demolished the conservatory on the side of the house.

Some of the gravestones survived.

This one didn't.

Now I expect there will be a costly clean up operation. Wonder if the insurance will pay out, or will it be classed as an act of God. Must go, Bailey waiting to go out, I'm on dog walking duties, finish tomorrow then Ken will be back to take over. ilona


  1. It looks like a chestnut tree affected by a leaf mining moth which is killing these magnificent trees all over the country. Premature browning of the leaves in summer, is a sign of the infestation. Sadly, there seems to be no cure, and unfortunately, they may eventually be lost from the landscape.

  2. So lucky that no one was hurt.The wind has done alot of damage,here in the Midlands.When my fence blew down a few years ago,the insurance said that weather damage wasnt covered.Its a very cold,damp rainy day here so Im going to stay in and get on with a few sewing repairs that need doing.xx

  3. Sad end to a big tree. It looks like a Horse Chestnut? I hope the wood gets kept and used by someone rather than just dumped in landfill or similar

  4. What a shame, that beautiful tree! It must have been one heck of a blast. At least no body was hurt tho.

  5. Very surprising lack of root system, not much holding it against the wind.

  6. Upsetting for families with gravestones there. What a shame! We got away very lightly here in Essex.


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