Sunday, 16 September 2018

Scotland Day 5

Beautiful sunset over the ocean, view from the living room window. 
Today we went to Kirkwall, the capitol of Orkney. The beautiful Cathedral was the backdrop for the vintage car and bike rally. There is a large following of the Vintage Club, so people came out to show off their vehicles and meet up with their friends for a natter.

We went there in Ian's 40 year old mini, completely built and restored by himself. It's a beauty, there was a lot of interest in it.

Beautiful shiny Harley.

And an old Army Harley.

This trike offers tours of Orkney. Bet that would be fun, bombing along through the country lanes.

Christine and I went a walk while the chaps talked all things motors. A stroll along the docks to see the different ferry boats which go out to some of the islands.

A parking area for sailing boats.

We also did some charity shops, I bought some wool and other bits and bobs, the prices were very cheap. A bag of mixed mulitcoloured small balls of wool for 20p.

We had lunch in a cafe, they had run out of soup so we had hot sandwiches instead. Back home along the scenic route, ha ha, all routes are scenic here on Orkney. An early night for me because I felt tired.  ilona


  1. Such an interesting place Orkney. It's one of my favourite holidays ever.

  2. If you ever get the chance again to ride a trike like that one - Do It! I rode one on a road trip from Garden City, KS to Denver, CO and back. It was glorious! One caveat, have your waist length hair tied up and back!

  3. I can see you on that trike Ilona - sort of thing you’d do. I’ve enjoyed all the Scotland pics-well deserved x

  4. What a view from the living room window!.I would get nothing done in the house because I would sit in Bettys reading room all day and sit watching the sun go down in the evening!xx

  5. hi ilona thanks for the great photos of orkney. i worked in rbs bank for many years and had a colleague named agnes who was so funnny. she was born in glasgow and told me so many great stories. also my husbands son lives in scotland. the scenery there is magnificent. enjoy. love liz amy and bennyxxxx