Monday 17 September 2018

Scotland Day 6

Another brill day out, My friends, Ian and Christine know this place inside out so I am getting to see all the interesting sights. We headed off to Kirkwall, there is a cruise liner in, a little taxi boat ferries the passengers to the shore and back. It could come right into the dock, but Ian says they do it this way to save on berthing fees. It's a good zoom on this Canon camera.

A walk on a stony beach. Bit breezy but not too bad.

This is a Gloup,  a crevice worn away by the tides and the weather, to form a tunnel under the land, going out to sea.

Interesting rock formations.

A visit to a distillery, I bought a bottle of vodka and some rhubarb soda water. Yummy.

This is quite a famous building. Italian prisoners of war built a chapel inside two Nissan Huts placed end to end. It is beautiful, read the full story here.

Coming back into Kirkwall from a different direction, the cruise liner is still there.

A very full day, lunch out in a hotel. Very interesting and enjoyable.  ilona


  1. I love the Italian chapel the sons of the original artist's came and redid the paintings I don't know who has done it recently.

  2. An interesting story about the chapel. I had never heard of it. It looks amazing.

  3. So pleased you are having a great holidays
    The chapel is so pretty and very interesting.
    Hazel c uk

  4. It must be great having friends that know the area so well.You can find all the nooks n crannies of the isle that alot of people wouldnt get to see.We used to have a relative on the Isle of White,who used to meet up with us when ever we were there and take us in his car all over the island.Happy days!,xx

  5. The Italian Chapel is beautiful.Someone saw fit to steal a piece of iconography a couple of years back. I don't think it has been returned. Karma will of course deliver a huge bolt of lightning upon the thief's head, with any luck.

  6. That looks stunning. I bet you are getting plenty of walking done in such a pretty area

  7. Beautiful! I’d love to visit some day.

  8. Great photos, the Chapel is especially beautiful.


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