Tuesday 18 September 2018

Scotland Day 7

Oh heck, I forgot to put words to these pictures, now I can't remember where we went. 
This is a folly.
Garden ornaments outside somebody's house.

These orange flowers are everywhere.

There is a grey upsidedown boat on top of a shed down there.

If I zoom in you can see it.

Ornaments and wooden carvings along a path next to a house.

Some small islands are joined by causeways, these are called The Churchill Barriers. There are four of them, they were built by the Italian prisoners.  There is more information on the Visit Orkney site.

There you go, a bit more about my Orkney holiday.

Heidi update. I took her to the new vet today, she had a check up and a blood test. Results are normal, and we can reduce her medication further. They said come back in two months so they can do another blood test to compare results. Some cats are able to come off medication altogether. Sounds good.


  1. I loved the ornaments and carvings.

    I hope you had a lovely holiday and I really enjoyed your posts.

    Hazel c uk

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos ilona Went there with my hubby in the early eighties and loved going round all the places you have visited especially the Italian Chapel which I found quiet moving.I would love to have moved up there but sadly there being hardly any trees on the island would have to give it a miss.Glad to hear that the vet trip went ok and that Heidi might be able to come off of the meds altogether....Wendyanne

  3. What an adventure you have had!Ive really enjoyed coming along with you...because thats how it feels when following your journeys.So thank you for sharing your photos and the stories that go with them.Im still wanting to live in Bettys reading room,lol.Pleased to hear that Heidi is doing well.xx

  4. Those orange flowers look like crocosmia. Not sure about spelling though! If you look them up they're actually on the 'dangerous species' type list. You're not supposed to plant them outside your garden or up by wildland etc. I've got them in my garden (previous house owner) and they are SOOOOOOO invasive. Doesn't matter how many you pull up every year, they're blooming well come back!

    1. A polite reminder, please don't comment as Anonymous. It is easy to put your name, either real or made up, in the 'Comment as' box. Thank you.

  5. Thats a lovely holiday you had!! Oh my the pictures... Thank you...


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