Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Scotland Day 8

Today was a walking day, I set off on my own with a map and some snacks in my pocket. The coast at Birsay is within walking distance from the house. A look at the ruins of the Earls Palace was first on the agenda. A bit more information here. 

There is a little shop in the village, I had a change from my usual Magnum ice cream and had a tub of Orkney toffee ice cream, Very nice it was too. Then down to the waters edge for a stroll along the beach.

It was very blustery, the waves were crashing down onto the rocks.

Interesting rock formations. No one else around, I had the place to myself.

A small island can be seen from the house, time to explore.

The tide is out so I walked along the causeway. This is the view looking out to the island.

And this is the view looking back to Orkney mainland.

I walked around the edge looking down at the swirling water below. There were strong gusts of wind so I didn't go too close to the edge.

The lighthouse at the top which can be seen from the house. Looks like it is freshly painted.

Can you hear the waves crashing against the rocks, and the roar of the wind. It's a long way down there.

There are ruins of an early settlement on the island.

Best go back before the tide comes in, don't want to get stranded.  I continued my walk further along the coast and turned inland back to the house.

There was one heavy shower which I could not shelter from as I was on a long, and exposed road. I soon dried off in the wind. A good walk, really enjoyed it.  ilona


  1. Glad you had a lovely walk.

    I don't like the strong winds.

    Love, Hazel c uk

  2. Wow, love this post. The pics are great. What colours and textures of the landscape. You captured them well, Ilona.

  3. We nearly got stranded over 40 years ago,in Cornwall.We had to wade through the water holding our pushchairs,over our heads!Your photos are great Iloana So glad that you had a lovely,relaxing time there.The wind is bad here in Leicester at the moment,my washing all blew off the line at lunchtime....had to wash a lot of it again!Not a happy frugal bunny at the moment!..ive realised that I have got to splash out n buy more pegs!!xx

  4. beautiful scenery thanks for sharing. love liz amy and sweet

  5. I wouldnt let the weather put me off either :) interesting i guess if you did get stranded be for a nite be nice n cold. Its been yrs since ive explored an area like that where you have to keep a thought on the tide lol wonderful :)

  6. Bleak, wild and absolutely stunning. My sort of scenery!