Thursday, 20 September 2018

Scotland Day 9.

Although it was forecast to be a showery day, Ian and I went out for a walk. We split the day into two halves, a walk in the morning, then lunch in a pub, and another walk in the afternoon. The plan was to climb Greeny Hill for the views. The clouds and mist were coming and going, the wind was blowing hard, so the views changed by the minute. Sometimes visibility was very good, then it misted over. 
You can see a white dot on the horizon slightly left of the middle. That's the lighthouse on the island which I walked to yesterday.

Boy is it windy up here, I'm holding onto the trig point so I don't get blown away.

My waterproof trousers are blowing out like balloons.

Back down to the bottom, there seems to be some excavating work going on here, just inside a field gate. Looks like they are laying a new water pipe  :o))

The second walk was up to the Kitchener Monument, high up on Marwick Head. The views from the top of the cliffs were stunning. The sea was roaring as it hit the rocks, the wind was blowing the spray upwards.

Here is the story, there is more information on this web site.

After a very blustery day it was nice to get back indoors.  ilona

PS, It's peeing it down at the moment, looks like it's set in for the day. I'm staying in.


  1. You had a very full and energetic day. I'm sure a hot cup of tea and a warm cozy bed were on your list of evening pleasures. Thanks for letting us tag along.
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  2. What a beautiful and interesting isle.It looks just like your sort of place Ilona.Mine too!.I would much rather have a holiday doing all these things now.I couldnt stand just laying on the beach all day like we used to many,many years ago.Sadly,because my hubby cant walk far and we have to get a mobility scooter where ever we go,I dont get chance to do many walks along cliff tops!...Its a really windy and rainy day here in Leicester today.Still at least it has saved me watering the plants.Ive started off some seedlings from supermarket peppers in my window sill and they are starting to grow.So hopefully free peppers by next year!.I love getting my veg for free!,xx

  3. I love following your adventures! I almost can feel the spray and hear the waves crashing. Thank you for sharing your amazing trip. My brother and his wife went to Scotland on their honeymoon last year. They loved their visit there.

  4. You were certainly wrapped up with the right clothes. It was such a pretty place we're the Trig point is. We have had very high winds the last few days and it's nice to be in the warm with a cupp as you say.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Hi Ilona, my boys would have loved setting up that excavation site when they were young, it would be their idea of heaven. Keep on having fun. Carol


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