Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Have a read of this.

I'm a bit busy with sewing at the moment, getting ready for the Christmas Fair on Saturday. One of our Crafty Ladies brought in a cutting from her village newsletter yesterday, there is a full page write up about a talk I gave in the summer. Seems like it was ages ago, as it starts with, 'In the midst of a heatwave'. As I look out of the window we have frost on the ground and are into winter. 
It's a very well written report, almost 100% accurate, apart from it says I walked 'seventy miles', with Jo Brand. Oooops, mistake, I walked the first seven and a half miles with her, then walked the same distance back to my car. 
I have photographed the page so I hope you can read it. Zoomed in a bit for the second two pictures. If you click on a picture it will come bigger.

Back to the grindstone, erm, sewing machine. I must say that using a superduper version of my machine at the workshop on Sunday has made me think about upgrading. Maybe time for a pressie from me to me.    ilona


  1. Hello again, I say this because I've been unable to comment for a while. Can only get through if it says POST a comment, ADD Comment won't let me through, don't know why. Read the letter, you were doing well at 70 miles, lol ! Don't they always say that the press misquotes, ha ha !
    I'm currently looking for an upgrade on my sewing machine, go for it Ilona, we deserve it.

  2. What a great article about you! I like that , at the end, they recommend for people to read your blog.

  3. What a good write up.
    We have someone talking about recycling at our WI next year but I bet it won't be as good as your talk sounds!

  4. Great job on the talk, hope it inspired others to think about careful consumerism and recycling.
    How exciting to be contemplating a new machine, the Bernina is the Rolls-Royce of sewing machines. Mine is a 1968 model I bought second hand 30 years ago, I have it serviced by a second generation mechanic and it goes like a charm.
    It really is worth the effort to try to find one of these old girls if at all possible, I'm sure any other owners would agree.
    Have fun with your sewing....I am making some polar fleece covered European pillows for some children I used to Nanny.

  5. Hope you get a sewing machine, there is some really nice ones about. I was lucky to get one that threads the needle (singer) it was not very expensive.
    We have our little fair on Saturday. I have just made some little tea lights with ear muff and faces on them (I can not describe them very well but the children like them)
    Have a nice day.
    Hazel c uk


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