Friday, 8 February 2019

One pan one meal

I try and reduce my time in the kitchen by making a meal in one pan. Chuck it all in together, no faffing with several pans on the go, indeed there are rings on my gas hob that have never been used. One small ring at the front is the one I use for everything. 
Last night I steamed some vegetables, I did extra so there were some left for today's lunch. I cut up two large mushrooms and cooked them in a drop of oil, added the left over steamed veg, a good handful of spinach, and finished off breaking an egg into it. One pan. Served with some precooked beetroot from Aldi. 
I'm trying to cut down on my cheese consumption, I'm sure it can't be good for me to always nibble some as soon as I open the fridge door. I think it's making me feel sluggish, so I am not buying any at all during February. I may carry it on after that. Up to now I am not craving for it, as I have told myself, I no longer buy cheese. Now I will explore other foodstuffs which can take it's place. I don't like veggie cheese, and that quark stuff is horrible, so it will be something different. I'll let you know how I get on with it. ilona


  1. I love cheese but am trying to reduce my calorie intake so instead I buy Babybel cheeses - the full fat ones are only 53cals each - rubbery texture but ok😂. It's still cheese though.

  2. I very often do one .pan. Today I am having mushrooms, tomatoes and 2 eggs plus a few herbs and bread and butter. I am not a vegetable eater except Summer.vegs. Saves on washing up as well.

    Hazel c uk

  3. Dear Meanqueen
    I swear by Quark and it is something I always have to have in the fridge, but it is not so nice if you don't add something else to it to make it either savoury or sweet. I mix it with some fat free natural yogurt and a tsp of honey and find that it does fill me up more than just yogurt on its own. It is nice stirred into a sauce too to give it a creaminess and you can mix it with marmite to have on crackers. It is a soft cheese, but it is fat free and high protein. It makes a great summery dip mixed with a tin of mushy peas, mint and garlic. We also have it as part of Eton mess - mixed with fresh fruit, a little honey to sweeten, or a fruit sauce and a meringue nest - yum!
    (I sound like I am a brand ambassador for Quark, which I'm not - I just really like it!)
    Best wishes

  4. I always steam my veggies in a colander on top of potatoes that I am boiling. If the wood burner is lit I like to put a kettle of water on top so that I always have hot water for washing up and making tea. I've even made rice pudding and warmed soup in a pan on my wood burner. I love the challenge of making little savings when I can.

  5. I love Quark, as well! Mixed with Stevia, blueberries and a meringue nest - yummy!

  6. Vicky from Massachusetts8 February 2019 at 17:44

    It's amazing what meals you can create in one pan. It could be a baking sheet, dutch oven, pot or skillet. Just use your imagination. I love keeping the clean up easy and I also like to clean as I go along. I've always had very small kitchens so clean uncluttered space is a good thing.
    I am a cheese LOVER. Tend to eat lower in carbs so cheese is a good snack for me. What I like to do is buy a good cheese and just have a smaller serving. Low fat items are not satisfying and fat free cheese should just be illegal. lol.
    I try to cut back on real sugar and also not use too much artificial stuff. Real Maple syrup or Agave Nectar work well and are all natural. They are slow to affect your glycemic index if you need to watch that.

  7. I'm with Vicky from Massachusetts - love my cheese but since it is a high calories food I've simply cut back on my serving size (helps with it being so expensive as well).
    I love cooking - but only when I'm in the mood - so I often do a 1 pan meal as well - and I plan for leftovers when I cook so the next day is a bit simpler. Love those veggies!

  8. I like hummus of various types. Not cheese I know, but like you, I am being careful to limit how much I eat. Not a fan of quark either. Your one pot meal looked very appetising.

  9. i use my slow cooker a great deal, if I want rice with it I just add it to the pot about 30 minutes before the time is up.I do the same with cous cous and bulgar wheat. It all gets mixed up in the dish so it may as well cook together. With the bonus that there is another meal for later in the pot.

  10. I don’t eat cheese any longer either and really don’t miss it. I eat beans (chickpeas are my favorite) or lentils, and sometimes nuts. Eggs do very well to fill the need for protein and umami as well, especially now our hens are laying. Tempeh is very nice if it is cut up into bite sized pieces and browned in a little oil. Then set aside and do your veggies. Add the tempeh back in and add a little sauce to bring it all together. Makes a great meal.

  11. I don't like the 'chuck it all in together' look, so I use steamer, ingredients cook seperately but still only use one electric ring.


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