Sunday 15 December 2019

Play with your settings

Do you ever get frustrated when tutorial videos have a long intro, then ramble on and on, when you really want to get to the point. If the presenter is speaking in another language and I don't want all the waffle I mute it, but want the visuals to be a bit faster. There is a button on the bottom bar, like a little cog wheel, to alter the settings. Click on it and up pops a menu, click on playback speed. 
Then choose one of the options. The lower the number the slower it plays. Want it faster, choose the 1.5. 
Then carry on at the speed you have chosen. I have tried subtitles but found them pretty poor, they don't keep up with the spoken word. I don't do Autoplay because I want a gap in between each video I watch. I click off the adverts as soon as the flag comes up to skip them. Then flit around clicking on any video that interests me. I haven't tried the Annotations, don't know what that means, and the quality is good on my big screen so I don't need to play with that. 
I find the playback speed a good tool when I am listening/watching an interview. I have the volume right up, but still find it difficult to catch every word they are saying because they either mutter or speak too fast. I slow it down so the conversation is a lot more relaxed and I don't miss anything. 
Quite a few people are going live with their videos now. I watched Terry and Brendan the piano dudes at St Pancras Station yesterday, they went on for over an hour. This performance was advertised in advanced so there was quite a big audience. The party atmosphere was great fun. I'll post it here in case anyone wants to have a look. It's 1 hour 20 minutes long so you might want to click through it to hurry it along.

Looking good outside so I'm going for a walk this morning. Another 40 miles to do to reach the magical 1000. Toodle pip.  ilona

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  1. Thanks for the tips Ilona and more thanks for the wonderful video, so joyful.
    In case I don't get to comment again before Christmas, enjoy your days doing what you enjoy doing and thanks for all of the brilliant posts throughout the year.


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