Monday 30 December 2019

Something new spotted.

Having a look at yoootooob this morning while eating my brekkie, a mini questionnaire came up. They clocked what I watched yesterday, and are asking me to rate it. It was a craft video about making a junk art journal. Now they want me to give it a star rating from 1 to 5, with a 'not sure' option. It seems pretty pointless when there is already the option to like or dislike the video you are watching.

I wonder what their next move will be. All those which don't make the grade, a certain amount of 5 stars or whatever is the deciding factor, will they get deleted? Will they impose sanctions on poorly performing yooootoooobers? Maybe get their comments facility removed, or maybe get de monetised? It could be that they are pruning out all those which aren't bringing in any advertising revenue. Maybe the video ratings numbers will be used by gooooglie to source new advertisers. Who know what's going on there.

I'm off to Crafty Club. It's a sunny morning, so maybe a walk this afternoon.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I never respond to that, as it adds to the profile of data already being collected. Interesting to read your thoughts on this. Thanks for sharing

    1. I have never seen it before, never been asked my opinion of the videos I watch, by gooooglie themselves. I won't respond either.

  2. I havent seen that before but if it does come up,I wont respond to it.Hope that you had a nice time at Crafty Club.Well,its new years eve and to be honest I will be glad when tomorrow comes and we are on the road to getting back to normality,lol.Happy New Year to you all,xx


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