Friday, 20 March 2020

Finding things to do.

I've just had a phone call from Ann who is the chair of the Village Hall committee, it is now closed, so no Crafty Club. I watch the village Facebook page to find out what is cancelled, and what help there is available for those who need it.

An early walk gave me a boost this morning, I was out of the house at 7am. The fresh cool air felt good in my lungs as I took deep breaths.

Kept myself busy today. Working on the Badminton racquet arty crafty thingy, it's coming along nicely. It has been a sunny day, a bit chilly in the wind, but ok for working in the garden with a coat on. I was going to mow the front lawn, but then decided to straighten up the paving slabs on the driveway. They are huge things and were slipping sideways making gaps between them. I almost fell over a couple of times when I got my foot stuck. Scoop out the weeds in the gaps, stick a garden fork into the ground and lever them together to close the gaps. Four of them had to be moved. Looks much better now. All squared up, level, and ship shape. Maybe I'll mow the lawn tomorrow.

Not been anywhere today, kept in touch with people on social media. Hope you are all finding things to do.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I had a new passage way, full length door installed on Monday so bought some paint yesterday. Today I gave it 2 coats of paint and did 2 washes, so that kept me busy. More painting tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed for another sunny day - I've got plenty to keep me busy at home and of course I always have my sewing and crafting :)

  2. take care Ilona. Mind your back ,shifting those slabs. Its not too bad staying in if you have crafting to keep you busy. Must be boring if you have no interests. Would drive me daft.

  3. Stay safe and healthy. The walking definitely breaks up the monotony I am sure. We are in New York hunkering down. Have plenty of supplies as we are always prepared all year so we don't hoard. So sad for the older folks who can't compete with the greedy ones who leave nothing left. I hope this will be over soon although I have my doubts. Gardening is one of the more pleasant activities. When it gets a bit warmer I look forward to cleaning up my flower beds for the Spring.

  4. People who make things (art, craft, music, cookery, writing) do better alone at home, I think.
    AND people who take walks also have a reason to get out of the house, for balance--and if there's a dog that needs walking, all the better!

    I'd signed up at the New Year for your walking club to walk my housemates dog daily, but winter ice (I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota) often kept me from doing that (NOT willing to risk a fall)--but finally we are ice-free and I took the dog for our first LONG walk of the season--an hour and a half.
    I came back restored, and he came back to conk-out on the couch. :)

  5. The photos of your walks are lovely. Are you usually walking on public spaces or private ones? I live in a rural area, so I do have a good area to walk, but yours are lovely - beautiful scenery & good trails. Our state has some public walking areas in large cities but not in my area. I enjoy your writing & your spunk!! Mary Ann Cauthen - GA, USA