Friday 6 March 2020


I've just found an alternative to yooootoooob. PBS has lots of video clips on different topics. Wonder if I can embed from there. Giving it a try.



  1. Looks as if it works. I will save PBS to my favourites and dip into it now and again.

  2. I havent had chance to watch the video yet,but I do know that cats are very good at training humans.My cats have trained me to sit on the floor..on a cushion if there is one going spare,thats if they dont need it.They have taught me to sleep at any angle,with one leg hanging out of the bed,because they like to sleep on their bed..only 4 of them though because Filbert likes to have a bedroom to his self.They have also taught me how to feed them on demand and also eat my dinner with one of them putting their paw in it at the same time!.Cats are very,very good at training Humans as Im sure Briony and Aril and any other cat owners will confirm,lol,xx

  3. Haha - looks like you have a new hobby in the pipe line Ilona - get the food in hehe

  4. Pleased that you have dog accompany your walks again though he sounds a wee bit feisty and the walks may not be quite so peaceful.


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