Thursday, 5 March 2020

Waving the flag

I've knocked up some bunting this morning. The fabric came from the Scrapstore, £2, it was a sample book. I liked the colours so I bought it. Would make some nice bunting I thought, or maybe a bag. I took the book apart and each page had a strip of paper on the back with the colour code on it. A small craft knife soon cut through the stitching and it was easily peeled off. I didn't use the browns, too dull, wanted to keep it pretty.

Easy way to make these is to cut the fabric into squares, I only had to trim a couple of inches off. Fold in half corner to corner, sew down one side. Turn the right way so seam is inside, you then have a triangular piece like a three cornered paper bag that we used to buy sweeties in. Iron it flat with the seam running down the centre at the back. Fold over flap and tuck it inside like an envelope, and iron. I had the blue tape in a bit box that someone gave me. You need a strip of the right length, fold it in half down the centre and iron flat, then trap the tops of the flags in the middle of it. Pin and sew.

The weather has taken a turn for the better, it was quite warm yesterday. The brown bin was emptied, now it needs filling again, so back to the hedge trimming. The grass might be dry enough for it's first cut now, it's gardening season again. Lunch now, then I'm off outside.
Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Love your bunting. I've made many sets over the past 5 years, usually for kids, so I add their name to each pennant. Yours looks strong enough to be used outside and would look good inside/outside your summer house :)

  2. You are so talented, I can only wonder at you and admire your fabulousness XX

  3. I love seeing bunting and I was looking at mine in my garden yesterday thinking how much it has faded and wishing that I had brought it indoors at the end of the Summer.I dont want to waste the material on it though so Im thinking ways to brighten it up instead of throwing it out!It has gone through my mind to even paint the material...I have got pink and lavender paint spare...then attaching a small silk flower or button to the middle of each triangle.I dont know if it would work,but I might get another Summer out of it!Ive also got a small indoor one that my niece bought me from a craft fair a few years back.That one is made with green ribbon threaded through triangle shaped music sheets.L like what Lesley says about them being around your Summer house...that would look lovely!...Well its freezing cold here today in Leicester.The car was frozen inside and out at half 6 this morning....although just looking out my window now the sky is pale blue and the sun is starting to shine!!.Keep warm everyone and have a lovely weekend,xx

  4. the bunting looks great, bright colours and easy explanation of how to make them as well! Jo

  5. I have just reread this post and you mentioned the 3 cornered paper bags that we used to buy sweeties in.You have brought back lovely memories for me from about 60 years ago!.When we used to go to the park with my mam,we would stop at a little sweet shop and buy what was called Dorothy gems.Little gum type sweets of different colours.I can see the lady in the shop,putting a small silver scoop into the jar and weighing out a quarter into those little 3 cornered bags!.Then we would continue down the park with our sandwiches in my mams basket.Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories!!xx