Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Damn and blast and buggeration.

There is something about this that I don't like. I should have made changes before it went too far. I should have noticed where it was heading, but I carried on blindly thinking it will be alright eventually. It is near completion and it's not alright, and I am not happy. I have now got to undo some of the work that I have done, to put things right. It's out of balance, out of kilter, it's wonky and could be better. Oh well, no use procrastinating, what's done is done, now I have to undo. 
Nice day, I will sit outside and snip away at it.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. It looks fine to me! But I know what you mean when you do something and are not happy with will all come right in the end!.The sun is beaming down today so me and my sister are going to my Mams and sitting well apart in the garden.Her cast comes off next week and it cant come quick enough for her.I have been given some butternut squash...Ive not had that for a few that is cooking away ready for eating later on.Ive also been given a fennel..but Im not to sure what that will go with!.My daughter and grandaughter have been tested for Covid 19,because they have been out more delivering food parcels..and they have got the all clear so that was a bit of good news this week.Just off back in the garden now to plant the seeds from the squash.Take care,xxx

    1. Debi You can steam fennel but my favourite way of cooking it is roasted (haven't done that for ages as I don't use my oven).
      Ilona The picture looks ok to me, but it is your project and you will do as you please. I will be interested to see what it looks like when you have altered it.

  2. You are wise.
    My mother taught me to embroider when I was little. I always remember her saying,
    "When you make a mistake, ask yourself if you'll be happy living with it. If the answer is no, go back and fix it, even if it's a lot of work."

    That goes for more than sewing, too...

  3. I would say that the foreground is just slightly too large for the background that it's sitting on. Oh and I don't think the little cotton reels are quite right, it needs something a bit bigger and made of wood on the ends of the top.

  4. Not sure what is out of balance. But when it doesn't look right to the person doing the creating, time to fix it. It will be interesting to see what was so dissatisfying.

  5. I can kind of see what you mean, but knowing you, it will turn out wonderful. You always amaze me with what you make from "nothing".

  6. Sorry you don't like what you have done, I dont. like all the fruit on the tree it looks so heavy also I don't like all the dots on the grass, but maybe if you leave it alone for a couple days you might like it better.
    Hazel c uk

  7. Even wonky, it is still bright and colourful and better than anything I could do, since I'm not at all crafty. I hope you get it fixed to your satisfaction.

  8. It looks nice. I have issues with knitting. I dropped a stitch inches below and now I have to crochet it back into where it needs to be. I am so far behind in my knitting of a prayer shawl. i may just make it shorter than is should be....sigh!
    Have a good day!


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