Tuesday 26 May 2020

Paint it Black - again. The Stones

Hey, fancy a bit of a Rockin and a Rollin? It's strange that whenever I write a blog post I can usually come up with a song title which can be linked to the subject matter. Yesterday I was painting bits of junk black, and later I was bimbling around yooootoooob, there it was.

A group of geriatric rockers appeared on my screen so I had to click on it. Coincidence that the first song on this set is Paint it Black. So won't you join Mr Jagger and clan and take a few minutes out to bop around your living room.

I saw the Rolling Stones in 1976, I remember getting there early to get a place near the front, standing room only. 18th of May, that must have been my birthday treat. It was also the year I passed my HGV driving test. Look at the ticket price, ha ha. I had spent all my money on driving lessons, then I couldn't get a job. I had to save up the £3.00.

Amazing that after all this time the Stones are still rockin. I am really glad I was a teenager in the sixties, such exciting times.

Another sunny day today. I sorted half the garage out yesterday, will do the other side today. I delivered some tins of donated cat food to Sue at the rescue yesterday, left at the gate, and stopped by at a friends house and joined them for a cool drink in their garden. Complying with the social distancing guidelines of course. I wonder how much longer we have got to add that declaration of social distancing after everything we report. Car didn't get washed, but some hedge trimming and weed pulling did take place at 8 o clock last night.
Enjoy your day. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Great bit of entertainment there Ilona,for some of us old rockers,lol.Brilliant!!.Micks still got the moves and dances around like a young guy.Brian Jones was my favourite,I thought that he was so handsome.Then sadly he died,so after that I thought that Keith was the bees knees.I always used to go to concerts when I was young and still got some of the flyers from them days.My time was the Love Affair,Marmalade,Amen Corner..and of course they aways had famous supporting acts as well.We used to have time off school to go and meet them when they arrived at the venues in the afternoons!Naughty girls that we were,lol.Over the past 15 or so years Ive seen Bob Dylan 3 times,at Wembley,Bournmouth and Nottingham.I want to go to the 60s Gold nights but Hubby isnt keen!Like you I loved the 60s and the music...Like my Dad used to say...they dunna make um like that these days!!...Well Im sat here,in the kitchen with a glass of water and lemon slices.The plants have been watered,the washing hung out and Im just going to get ready to take my Mam some food to her house.Take care,xxx

  2. Three pounds! These days concert ticket run into the $$hundreds.

  3. Thanks for posting this, never have gotten to see them live.


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